General GD Topics

  • US war on Iraq-justified or not.

  • Role of UN in peacekeeping.

  • Position of Women in India compared to other nations.

  • Environment Management. 

  • Is China better than India in software.

  • Should SONIA Gandhi be made the PM

  • BPOs in INDIA

  • Govt contribution to IT

  • will punch lines rule the Advt

  • premarital sex

  • is china a threat to Indian industry

  • India or west , which is the land of opportunities

  • water resources should be nationalized


  • Effect of cinema on Youth

  • Education in India compared to Foreign nations

  • Is it necessary to ban COCO COLA in India.

  • What is the effect of movies on youth. is it good or bad)

  • Are studies more beneficial in India or in Abroad.

  • "UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".

  • "Environment-Whose Responsibility".

  • Is China a threat to the Indian software industry.

  • Role of UN in Peace keeping

  • War on Iraq

  • About Hockey being the primary game in India

  • Can America occupy Iraq

  • Cricket should be banned or not.


  • Present state of Indian Cricket team.

  • Love marriage/Arranged marriage.

  • Advantages of Co-education.  

  • How to deal with international terrorism.

  • Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?

  • Is peace and non-violence outdated concepts?


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Comments (19)

Said this on 8-11-2007 At 01:25 am
The topics are nice.
Anuj Walia
Said this on 9-16-2007 At 10:09 pm
swarupa rani
Said this on 9-21-2007 At 09:56 pm
Ravi Kumar
Said this on 1-10-2008 At 06:24 am
The topics were good which most commonly are the areas where the companies ask to talk about.
Said this on 3-13-2008 At 10:54 am
nice but bab
Said this on 3-13-2008 At 08:51 pm
bad try not to copy from others
new user
Said this on 1-10-2009 At 02:11 pm
copy paste/cut paste? very bad
Said this on 1-20-2009 At 07:44 pm
Ya the titles are well. But how to read the above topics.
Said this on 1-28-2009 At 04:05 pm
well , i found this article extremely helpful 4 gds.. try to involve more abstract topics too..
K.Shekar Reddy
Said this on 6-27-2009 At 02:14 pm
very good topics &keep it up
Ann John
Said this on 10-29-2009 At 11:28 am

All the topica are very bore.Try to improve.

Said this on 12-10-2009 At 07:12 pm

GiVe SoMe NeW tOpIcS.......

Said this on 12-22-2009 At 09:02 pm

Very nice collection of topics



Said this on 1-22-2010 At 10:45 am

Good topics, try to put some new topics 

anyway "thanks"  for your good effort 

keeeeeeeeeep rockinggggggggggggg

Pankaj Rana
Said this on 2-8-2010 At 01:06 pm

Very Nice and Interesting Topic Please carry on good work.

Said this on 4-4-2010 At 10:46 am


Said this on 6-30-2010 At 12:44 am

gud topics but tryng 2 put some topics apart from study plz gv some theater related topics and social welfare issues.

Said this on 9-12-2010 At 06:15 pm

please give some topics according to their technicals like from core subjects...........

Said this on 11-11-2010 At 11:31 am

it is ery usefullllll to us.................

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