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Download and Technical Questions and Tutorials in testing tools like Winrunner, Load Runner etc


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Traceability_matrix Traceability_matrix

Filesize: 52.37 kB
Downloads: 893

This will provide you idea about how the testing mtrix will bw preapred in design developmet phase

Testing Definitions and Methodologies Testing Definitions and Methodologies

Filesize: 446.59 kB
Downloads: 3272

Various types of testing, testing definitions and methodologies

Introduction to Software Testing Introduction to Software Testing

Filesize: 139.15 kB
Downloads: 2964

Download introduction to software testing document

Software Testing Dictionary Software Testing Dictionary

Filesize: 399.37 kB
Downloads: 2838

This excellent document explains the definition of various testing terms. Like what is unit testing, System Integration Testing, Exception testing etc. Very good resource for Freshers.

Testing Types (Methodologies) Testing Types (Methodologies)

Filesize: 446.59 kB
Downloads: 2967

Testing types and definitions.

Aptitude Questions in Testing Tools for  Testers Aptitude Questions in Testing Tools for Testers

Filesize: 85.98 kB
Downloads: 3003

Aptitude Questions in Testing Tools for  Testers. This test is used to screen testers for job interviews.

Winrunner Technical Questions in Testing - 1 Winrunner Technical Questions in Testing - 1

Filesize: 78.93 kB
Downloads: 2023

Technical Questions in Winrunner which is a popular testing tool. Winrunner technical interview questions with answers.