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Aptitude Questions ( 62 Files )

Download Aptitude Questions and tests. Free aptitude test papers. Upload aptitude questions you have, help your friends.

Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams ( 224 Files )

Questions papers of entrance exams like GATE,CAT,MAT,GRE,UPSC, Engineering Services, Civil Services etc.

Placement Papers

Placement Papers ( 1791 Files )

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Download placement papers of various companies. Separate categories are created for only big companies. Placement papers of remaining companies are directly uploaded to Placement Papers root directory. If you can't find a a company, use search function to find placement papers.
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Technical Questions

Technical Questions ( 321 Files )

Download Technical Questions, Technical Test Papers, interview questions in various technologies like Java, Oracle, C, C++, SAP, J2EE, VB, .NET, SQL and other technologies.