BPO GD Topics

  • Is coalition politics here to stay?

  • Does India need a dictator?

  • What ails Indian sports?

  • Success is all about human relations

  • Borderless worlds - Dream or reality?

  • Quality is a myth in India

  • Will China overtake India in IT

  • India - the back office to the world by 2020

  • Does Indian IT industry need to focus on products rather than services

  • The BPO age - heralding a new employment revolution

  • The BPO revolution and its impact on the society

  • Education and success - Is there a correlation?

  • We don't learn from history, we repeat it

  • Do we need a global policeman?

  • Indian villages - our strength or our weakness?

  • Management Education - Is it necessary to succeed in business

  • Kids today are not what they used to be

  • Repeated elections - Who should pay for them

  • Indian bureaucracy - foundation strengths or colonial hangovers?

  • In India, the whole is less than the parts - Do we lack in team spirit?

  • "Dot.com" companies - Is there room for everyone?

  • Artificial Intelligence - Will man be ever replaced by machines?

  • Materialism - Have we sold our souls to the Devil?

  • Role of ethics in tobacco industry, liquor industry etc.

  • Are we unfit for Democracy?

  • Survival tools for the new millennium

  • Examinations - has it killed education

  • Should doctors be tried in Consumer Courts

  • Is E-Commerce the best thing for India


Comments (11)

Said this on 12-4-2006 At 06:58 am
hI iam Srini from chennai it very usefull to all IT Peaople, so i have one request to service and i want answer papers for tht gD Questions...
Said this on 3-7-2008 At 10:54 am
its good
Said this on 5-23-2008 At 07:40 am
good enough but could be much better.....
Said this on 7-3-2008 At 08:06 pm
bpo is my future
Tara Rekha kumar
Said this on 7-20-2008 At 10:49 pm
it's superb
Said this on 9-27-2008 At 07:18 pm
its best . if it updated its very good
Said this on 4-27-2009 At 07:41 pm
hai...wt is this...wr is q&ans???
Said this on 6-3-2009 At 02:23 pm
hey can any one help me in getting information about infosys bpo selection process
Said this on 9-13-2009 At 10:12 am
hi I'm Masoom Ahmad from Jamshedpur, this site is really usefull but having a request regarding GD topics to provide answers from both against and favour of a topic.
Said this on 3-23-2010 At 01:23 pm

i want to get informaition on the content of group discussion topiocs


Said this on 12-23-2010 At 05:54 pm


m planing to atnd an interview for technical support can anybody pls tell me wat all i need to prepare for it and pls suggest me sites for sample papers 

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