Career Objective - FAQ's

What is a career objective?

    A career objective is a concise statement of your current career goals. It is often stated on the resume, and may contain:

    Your functional area of interest (sales, data processing, research, your major field . . .)

    The type of agency or organization you want to work for (government, manufacturing, social services, natural resources, financial institution, advertising . . .)

    The size and scope of the organization (large, small, local, regional, international) if this is important to you, and perhaps the specific population with which you want to work (family farmers, children with disabilities, older adults . . .)

    Level of position (generally "entry level" for new graduates, "intern" for internships, "temporary" or "part time" for summers)

    Eventual goals (where you would like to be in five years)

Why should I develop a career objective?

    Your career objective is a focused statement of your personal goals. You will have a difficult job search if you have not defined for yourself and your network of friends and colleagues what it is you are seeking.

When do I use a career objective on my resume?

    1. Use the career objective on your resume whenever you keep a resume on file with a campus career services office. Your resume is sent to companies without a cover letter, so your objective will help them determine if you are a potential match for their position. For this use, keep the objective as broad as possible, and keep it updated regularly.

    2. You may always use an objective on your resume if you choose. Generally, however, you will cover the information given in the objective in the cover letter you send out with your resume, as you describe how your goals and skills are an excellent match for the company and the specific job for which you are applying. If you use the objective, always check to make sure it is in agreement with each job for which you apply, and change it as needed if it is not. Make sure it accurately reflects the position(s) you are seeking.

    There are three general types of career objectives:

       1. Position - "Seeking a position as a marketing assistant . . ."
       2. Field - "Seeking an internship in the social services field . . ."
       3. Skills - "Seeking a summer position utilizing my public relations and research skills

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career objective


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