Best Answers Tough Interview Questions

Q. Tell me about yourself.

A. Tell about your skills and experience and shows why you are qualified for the job: I attended
ABC University, where I earned my Bachelor's degree in Information Science three years ago. I started working as a junior IT technician right after I graduated, and after a year I was promoted to IT technician....

Q. What do you consider to be your biggest weakness?

A. Find a weakness that your prospective employer would see as a strength or a weakness you had in the past and show how you overcame it. Another option is to pick a weakness that is somewhat innocuous.

Q. How do you handle your success?

A. I give myself a quick pat on the back and move on to the next project. Of course, I take the time to figure out what helped me succeed and use the experience to help me the next time.

Q. How do you handle your failure?

A. I give my self a short time to feel sad, but I don't dwell on it. Without spending too much energy on it, I try to figure out where thing went wrong to succeed next time.

Q. What are your greatest strengths?

A. My greatest strength is my ability to see a project through from its inception to its completion. Each project I am assigned is important to me and I always make sure it gets the appropriate amount of attention.

Q. Why should I hire you?

A. As I understand your needs, you are first and foremost looking for someone who can manage the sales and marketing of your book publishing division. As you've said you need someone with a strong background in trade book sales. This is where I've spent almost all of my career, so I've chalked up 18 years of experience exactly in this area. I believe that I know the right contacts, methods, principles, and successful management techniques as well as any person can in our industry.

Q. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

A. I am definitely interested in making a long-term commitment to my next position. Judging by what you've told me about this position, it's exactly what I'm looking for and what I am very well qualified to do. In terms of my future career path, I'm confident that if I do my work with excellence, opportunities will inevitable open up for me. It's always been that way in my career, and I'm confident I'll have similar opportunities here.

Q. Why do you want to work at our company?

A. This question is your opportunity to hit the ball out of the park, thanks to the in-depth research you should do before any interview. Best sources for researching your target company: annual reports, the corporate newsletter, contacts you know at the company or its suppliers, advertisements, articles about the company in the trade press.

Q. Can you work under pressure?

A. Demonstrate how you dealt with one difficult situation using some valuable skills, including the abilities to delegate and work as part of a team.

Q. What pet peeves do you have about coworker?

A. Too much negativity always bothers me. I think if you're going to complain you should be able to offer some solutions to fix things you think are wrong.

Q. How do you manage your time?

A. Show how you prioritize your projects and spend proper amount of time to each of them: I prioritize my work. I figure out what needs to get done first, next, and so on. Then I calculate how much time I will need to spend on each activity or project. I set a schedule for myself and get going.


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Said this on 8-25-2007 At 10:01 pm
its very excellent answers,thanks ur ideas
Said this on 10-31-2007 At 02:48 pm
very helpful
Said this on 11-10-2007 At 09:01 am
really sensible answers
Said this on 12-6-2007 At 03:45 pm
The answers were really execellent.It helps me for the interviews I am facing.
mukesh bharti
Said this on 12-16-2007 At 09:46 pm
really very execellent. n the ans is point to point.
Said this on 1-10-2008 At 10:44 am
really very excellent
Said this on 1-13-2008 At 07:56 pm
it was a very useful questions for me.since i'am going to attend the first interview this helped me a lot.the answers was vwry excellent.
Said this on 3-2-2008 At 03:23 pm
its nice ... and helps us to prepare my cv to sell in market... plz if any more tips plz inform to my mail id thanks
Said this on 4-3-2008 At 05:59 pm
good answers
Said this on 4-9-2008 At 12:27 pm
very important points is to be there in these thanks you very much
Praful Samrit
Said this on 5-12-2008 At 09:48 pm
really very excellent Thanks
Said this on 8-18-2008 At 07:20 pm
very good answers...thanks
Said this on 11-7-2008 At 01:22 pm
Thanks for the tips
Said this on 5-14-2009 At 10:47 pm
very sensible answers , as an interviewer, i would definitely expect this kind of replies.
Said this on 11-1-2009 At 11:08 pm

super...good help

Said this on 6-25-2010 At 03:17 pm

Your answers to difficult questions are so real and very encouraging, i cant wait to get  into an interview room

Said this on 12-18-2010 At 05:22 pm

This answer are good  But not excellent, there need few more to be Excellent  

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