Choosing A Resume Style

Choosing the best resume format depends on your background and the requirements of the jobs for which you want to interview. The three most common résumé formats are

  • The chronological resume allows you to emphasize your career growth and progression. You present your most recent job and educational experience first, then trace backwards in time. Describe the duties you performed under each listed experience. This format is not advantageous for people with limited or unrelated employment experience, and gaps in employment are readily noticeable.

  • The functional resume focuses on professional skills, responsibilities, and accomplishments. It is organized by functional titles that explain general areas of expertise. Under each function heading is a brief explanation of your accomplishments in that area. You can tailor the functional résumé to highlight specific skills that you have that the job requires. This format is good for recent graduates, liberal arts majors, career changers, and people with limited work experience or interrupted careers.

  • The combination resume incorporates both the chronological and functional formats. You can tailor the explanation of your job history to fit the types of jobs for which you are applying; you can also show continuity in your job record or history. Organize your background by skills and functions rather than by job title. List your job titles and employers in reverse chronological order at the end of the résumé


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Said this on 6-24-2007 At 02:32 am
dis is very useful 2 every 1 who is searching 4 IT jobs in multiway.
Said this on 12-2-2008 At 03:14 pm
Good definitions of the basic resume formats. Thanks
Said this on 2-2-2009 At 11:28 pm
Great post. Thanks
Said this on 1-7-2010 At 08:56 am

resume formet style for student appling for part time or full time job,,

in a new edition ,,.........

Said this on 5-5-2011 At 05:29 pm

This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

shivkumar gaur
Said this on 1-23-2012 At 12:42 pm

I am Shiv kumar gaur

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