Cognizant Placement Paper

  1. r = number of flags
    n = number of poles
    Any number of flags can be accommodated on any single pole. If r=5, n=5 how many ways can the flags be arranged?
  2. If r = 5, n=3 and if first pole has 2 flags, third pole has 1 flag, how many ways can the flags be arranged?
  3. Find the next in the sequence BC CE EG GK? a)KN  b)KU  c)KM  d)None
  4. AA AB BC CE? a)EG  b)EH  c)EI   d)None
  5. AB EF JK QR? a)YZ   b)ZA  c)AB  d)None
  6. ACD EGL IKT MOB?  a)QST b)QSZ c)QSY d)None
  7. AC CG GO OE?  a)EJ  b)EI  c)EL  d)None
  8. AE BH CM DU?  a)EH b)EZ c) EB d)None
  9. AD DP PL LV?    a)VS b)VK c)VI d)None
  10. SE QU EN TI?     a)CN b)BM c)AI or AZ d)None
  11. An algorithm follws a six step process za,zb,zc,zd,ze,zf, it is governed by the following (i) zd should follow ze (ii) The first may be za,zd or zf (iii) zb and zc have to be performed after zd (iv) zc must be immediately after zb. If za is the first set zd must be: a) 3rd b) 5th c) 2nd d) 4th
  12. If zb must follow za then za can be : a) third or fourth b) first or second c) can not be third d) fouth or fifth e) none
  13. Ravi plants six separate saplings — x,y,z,w,u,v in rows no 1 to 6,according to the following conditions. a) He must plant x before y and u b) He must plant y and w c) The third has to be z. Which of the following is acceptable? : a) xuywzv b) xvzyuw c) zuyxwv d) zvxuwy e) wyzuvx
  14. Which of the following is true? : a) z before v b) z before x c) w before u d) y before u e) x before w
  15. If he plants v first, then which can be planted second? : a) x b) y c) z d) w e) u
  16. Which of the following describes a correct combination of sapling and row? : a) x,3 b) y,6 c) z,1 d) w,2 e) u,6
  17. If he plants b 6th which would be planted first and second : a) x and w b) x and y c)y and x d)w and z e) w and u
  18. If he plants w before u and after v he should plant w at : a) first b) second c) fourth d) fifth e) sixth
  19. A says “the horse is not black”. B says “the horse is either brown or grey. “C says “the horse is brown” At least one is telling truth and at least one is lying. What is the color of the horse?
  20. A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17 where each letter represent a number from 1 to 9. Find out what does letter D and G represent if letter A=4.

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pls send how cts take interview ans some sample question,,,,,,,,,

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plz send answers to these questions


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plz send answers to these questions

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plz send me answers sir to prepare for cognizant interview.

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plz send me 2010 & 2011 aptitude test papers with answers for all top mnc companys...

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