Cover Letter Formatting

The brass-tax about writing a cover letter. How to start, what the main body should contain and hiow to say Read that resume of mine.


Address by name if you can, such as:

"Dear Ms Bloggs" and conclude with "Yours sincerely ".

If you have no name, address as:

"Dear Sir" and conclude with "Yours faithfully"

The first Paragraph

Identify who you are, what job you are applying for and how you heard about it.

Perhaps provide a brief summary of your main 'selling points'.

Useful phrases:

in response to your advertisement...
following our telephone conversation...
would like to be considered for ...
here is my CV for your consideration...
writing to enquire whether ...

The middle paragraph

These can address two main themes, perhaps in separate paragraphs, in whatever order suits you best:

Give details of why you want to join the organisation and do that particular job - sound keen and enthusiastic show that you've found out about the employer and the job

Say why they should be interested in you - give your main selling points

Deal with any negative aspects of your application - if you can justify any weak points in your application form with a genuine explanation, this may be included, such as poor A-levels owing to illness .

A time hole on the resume where you could have gone under cover for the Millitery Intelligence or the CIA. You need not mention this but a trip of reflection and spritual growth to the misticle mountains would do just fine.

Some skills or workshops, especially if these are not fully covered elsewhere; aspects of your course that are particularly relevant

Useful phrases:

as you can see from my CV . . .
attracted to working for you because . . .
I can offer . . .
especially interested in . . .
my main skills are . . .
most important qualifications and experience are . . .

The last paragraph(s)

Restate your interest and summarise your suitability
Perhaps ask for an interview, mentioning dates when you are available or unavailable
End the letter - on a polite and optimistic note

Useful phrases:

happy to supply further information. . .
available for interview at any time . . .
look forward to hearing from you. . .

Well you already said "read that resume of mine"!

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sanjay kumar
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very good
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it's very good
Said this on 10-6-2008 At 10:00 am
Very nice..impressed..
Said this on 8-11-2009 At 02:11 pm
It's Good & Very helpful to needy person as mine.
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