Hi Friends!!
i want to share the interview experience in  CTS. first u hav aptitude test. no need for any preparations, but u need to answer all the questions in time. that is very important. In our college they shortlisted nearly 200 in apti test.

then interview was on the next day. it lasts for 15 minutes. i m an electronics and comm engineering student.
interviewer: introduce yourself
me: started from my name, then about my family background, education, hobbies n interests
intv: wat is your area of interest?
me: microprocessor 8085 and digital circuit design
int: why microprocessor is called 8 bit processor?
me: said
int: what is the difference bw accumulator and other registers?
me: said
int: wat r the registers in 8085?
int: wat is stack pointer and write a program using tat
me: wrote
int: wat u had studied in communication engineering
me: i said modulation and modulation techniques
int: what is AM, FM and the difference between them and which is better?
me: gave a clear idea about all
int: what is VSAT and escape velocity?
me: i said " i dont have clear idea about these thing".

within two hours they announced the result. thank god. i got selected. BE BOLD AND CONFIDENT. its very important all the best to all who r waiting for CTS


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Said this on 12-13-2007 At 02:50 pm
vry good
vamsi krishna
Said this on 12-13-2007 At 08:19 pm
Said this on 12-19-2007 At 02:36 pm
it's a good help from u..........thank u
Said this on 1-8-2008 At 03:05 pm
i'm waiting 4 this 1
Said this on 1-9-2008 At 09:12 pm
it was good ,but i want to now abt apti questions
Said this on 9-8-2010 At 04:14 pm

its nothing ...... its simple.....

Said this on 1-10-2008 At 10:16 am
it's ok.but please told to what is told on this part.
this is helpfull to idea of the ECE students.
Said this on 1-12-2008 At 10:15 am
it's somewhat o.k.but,we need the helps ,more than this.
Said this on 1-12-2008 At 10:18 pm
it will help us to increase our confi level.
T.Stockwel Fayolle
Said this on 2-19-2008 At 04:34 pm
reply plz...
ashish dawale
Said this on 2-20-2008 At 04:29 pm
it is very usfull for us.thank u .........
Said this on 2-29-2008 At 03:00 pm
thanks for ur information......
Said this on 3-3-2008 At 07:43 pm
nice one
Said this on 3-5-2008 At 08:46 am
Said this on 4-7-2008 At 11:28 pm
thank you
Said this on 4-10-2008 At 06:45 pm
your interview is very gud
Said this on 4-19-2008 At 04:03 pm
please tell the answer also what you told on that interview as well as the test because they will know the answer who doesn't know and your information is very helpful to me.
Said this on 6-16-2008 At 12:36 pm
excellent article you provide for us
Said this on 7-14-2008 At 06:14 pm
fine cia. . .
Said this on 7-21-2008 At 07:42 pm
very nice.it will be useful 4 me ya.bye.
Said this on 7-26-2008 At 06:25 pm
very nice and useful for your information
Said this on 7-30-2008 At 09:24 pm
Thank you for your help.......
Said this on 8-6-2008 At 08:24 pm
information is very useful and it gave an clear idea about interview thank you for your help
Said this on 10-10-2008 At 06:37 pm
thank u for sharing ur experience. Its very useful for me to know about the company
Said this on 1-21-2009 At 05:13 pm
thank you so much for this info,
all the best to you to
Rajesh Kumar, Palakkad
Said this on 6-9-2009 At 01:55 pm
Hope it wl be very helpful to preparing students for interview......
Said this on 12-2-2009 At 03:04 pm

k fine.will they ask questions more abt technical...if v do know the ans,can v say as "i do know" or "i have no idea"...

veera kumar
Said this on 2-16-2010 At 03:26 pm

it is somewhat better..but i need more details about that interview...

Said this on 7-9-2010 At 10:32 pm

is the interview for freshers

Said this on 9-22-2010 At 11:49 am


    i was cleared my written exam on 19-9-2010,waiting for hr round..still i dont have any call /info from cts for hr round...k..but i was leave(not fil) some questions in my form at that time.plz tell me it will be take an -ve  effect on my hr interview?

plz tell me and send to ans through my email...

waiting for ur reply...

Said this on 12-17-2010 At 12:48 pm

hai i have experience 6 month in .net in small cmpy still i have fear to face an interview in such big cmpy. because i m not good in communication .so what can i do plz reply me to my mail...

Said this on 2-16-2011 At 10:45 am

thanks for ur information,

yesterday i attended appitude test  ,  i m clrd that test. next coming  friday i will attend  the GD so plrase give me some information  how to prepar GD?

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