hi friends !

the aptitude consisted of 3 sections
3.observing details

if u are sitting for cognizant aptitude,make sure u have the R.S Aggarwal verbal and non verbal reasoning book...no need of going through r s aggarwal quantitative book..

verbal section consisted of finding the corect and incorrect sentences and 2 passage raeding .never waste your time in reading rhe passages ...make sure u get everythng else correct.analytical sectio is quite easy ..has puzzles,logical venn diagrams,blood relations and problems on cubes ...observing he details does not need any preparations ..it consists of puzzles ,finding out th e odd figure etc.

among 277 people only 91 of us cleared the apti.once you clear the apti ..its all about making them convince why they should take you. we had a technical and hr round together.

he started with tell me about yourself ....asked me thoroughly about my hobbies ,strenghts and weak nesses and qualities of a software proffessional.

there are a few questions that u have 2 fill up b4 u start writing the apti. they were:

1)software orientation
2)hobbies and extracurricular activities
3)strengths and weaknesses
4)why CTS?
5)wat are the qualities required for a software proffessional?

remember :wat u write in the form really counts ..so dont write anyhing that u dont bliv in  then he asked me about my fav subject in all the 5 sms .
i said 8085 microprocessor.

questions asked 2 me:
1)wat is the word size of 8085?
2)why is it called a 8 bit microprocessor?
3)wat is its difference with 8086?
4)explain the concept of segmented memory?
5)why is 8086 faster?
6)explain the concept of pipelinin
7)wat is accumulator in general?
8)wat is accumulator in the language of 8085?
9)compare instructions in 8085?
10)flip flops(though i did not give digital as my fav subject)
11)uses of f/f
12)countdown timer
13)difference between diodes and transistors
14)converting an analog signal into a digital one
15)sampling rate ..... nyquist theorem
16)quantisation error and how it cn be removed
17)binary search tree
18)its advantage?
19)why is searching easier in binary search tree

god i miself dont know how i could answer all his questions he asked him whether i have ny queries ...its always good 2 ask something... then he asked me whether i am ready 2 relocate / then he wished me luck for my future and wished that i have a bright future and a rewarding career.

among 91,78 were finally selected.


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