Difference between CV and Resume

Difference between CV and Resume

You may have heard "curriculum vitae" being used to describe a resume. Although they are slightly different documents, some people use the terms inter-changeably. You may want to use a curriculum vitae (c.v.) if you are applying to a position which is academic or research-oriented. Many graduate students use a C.V. if they are applying to advanced programs or to employers such as those just mentioned.

Often referred to as a "vitae." A vitae is very similar to a resume. It highlights a speaker's education and key jobs held. A speaker in the academic community usually uses curriculum vitae. A special type of resume traditionally used within the academic community. Earned degrees, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, and related activities are featured. Unlike a resume, a CV tends to be longer and more informational than promotional in tone.

The primary difference between a CV and a resume is the length and the purpose. A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. A goal of resume writing is to be brief and concise since, at best; the resume reader will spend a minute or so reviewing your qualifications.

A Curriculum Vitae, commonly referred to as CV, is a longer (two or more pages), more detailed synopsis. It includes a summary of your educational and academic backgrounds as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details.
A curriculum vitae, meaning "course of one's life, is a document that gives much more detail than does a resume about your academic and professional accomplishments.

When seeking a faculty, research, or leadership position at an academic or scientific organization, you need a special resume called curriculum vitae. Candidates who use a CV have an educational background directly related to the positions they seek, education is always featured first. Even after twenty years of research, your degrees and the schools where you earned them will overshadow your experience.

Following are the things to include in a CV

Like a resume, your CV should include your name, contact information, education, skills and experience. In addition to the basics, a CV includes research and teaching experience, publications, grants and fellowships, professional associations and licenses, awards and other information relevant to the position you are applying for. Start by making a list of all your background information, and then organize it into categories. Make sure you include dates on all the publications you include.

Name dropping is more common in CV’s than in resumes. For example, if you performed research under a certain professor, you would probably include her name and title. Science and academia are small worlds, and it is likely that a prospective employer will have heard of a given specialist in her own field. Similarly, if you went on clinical rotations at a given hospital, name it; your future employer might have hospital privileges there.


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naga laxmi
Said this on 5-24-2007 At 08:57 am
ya this is fine but u see there is information only about CV. it would be better if u differentiate completely between CV and resume.
Said this on 7-16-2010 At 11:53 am

 Its nice but u have given only the description it is better with the examples or sample Resume and CV

sachin gupta
Said this on 6-6-2007 At 10:01 pm
No more detail on Resume
rohit sanyal
Said this on 6-8-2007 At 12:21 pm
It's pathetic to see this type of artice which actually display over the name , i don't know who the hell the author is , but ofcourse those who carry this type of cv to any company he will definetly get an nice kick . There is no need to put travel exp. in cv . show ur work summary , ur reward acheivemet , rather showing disgusting material.
with regards
Rohit Sanyal
Said this on 6-9-2007 At 03:31 am
there is no exact difference between c.v and Resume
Said this on 9-10-2007 At 10:55 pm
Good,it gives clearly picture
Said this on 12-5-2007 At 02:44 pm
hardware and networking
Said this on 12-29-2007 At 10:31 am
quite good but not clearly mentioned about resume
krishna nand vyas
Said this on 1-15-2008 At 03:19 pm
some diffs r gud
Said this on 1-26-2008 At 11:39 pm
good for knowledge
Said this on 2-9-2008 At 11:22 pm
Well, thats not the right answer.. i thnk u r very much interesed in describing abt cv then resume. give it in a proper appropriate way then just running arnd the bush...
Said this on 2-21-2008 At 09:34 pm
I agree with Rajshekar that it dsnt give a clear picture about Resume. Come out about resume first than saying that how CV has commoness with resume.
Said this on 3-7-2008 At 12:36 pm
Said this on 3-25-2008 At 12:00 pm
not good not bad
Said this on 6-11-2008 At 02:06 pm
All Description are at par. how to satisfy people with habit always critic. over all good and best answered.
Said this on 6-13-2008 At 04:21 pm
Not an exact and comprehensive answer.
Said this on 6-24-2008 At 02:50 pm
one thing i notice is cv is lengthy than resume.actually sir,myself being a fresher wanted to prepare resume with a perfect objective.but i was just bored with ur prolonged writing.its better u update ur page with exact explanation.finaly thanking u 4 trying to give us the required.
Said this on 7-25-2008 At 03:02 pm
it is good for me to make my cv .thank u
som nath
Said this on 9-9-2008 At 11:25 am
all are very good
Said this on 12-7-2008 At 05:55 pm
pretty good.
think it wud suffice -resumes are for corporates and c.v. for academia.
Said this on 12-19-2008 At 09:53 am
Very good
Said this on 1-2-2009 At 10:01 am
very bad reply to the ques. undue and unconvincing answer.
Sanjay Kumar
Said this on 1-22-2009 At 12:09 pm
Very Nice tips for Freshers Students.
Said this on 2-10-2009 At 02:01 pm
very nice ,it enhances my knowledge.i want to get more info regarding professinal resumes
Said this on 2-11-2009 At 06:33 pm
ya nice for basic differences b/w cv and resume but didn't give the clearly differences
I need more information regarding this
Said this on 4-4-2009 At 01:36 pm
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8) Thanks in advance. Hazelle.
Said this on 7-14-2009 At 07:04 pm
good enough
Said this on 11-16-2009 At 02:34 pm

This is a useful post. this is good, but U see the data only for the curriculum. It would be better if u strictly distinguish between the CV and continue. Thanks again...

Said this on 2-9-2010 At 06:29 pm

 meaning of c.v. is clear but meaning of resume is still not clear more.

Said this on 2-24-2010 At 02:48 pm



the only difference is CV - Latin & Resume is English


Give me a break, there is no difference


jashan Joshi

Babar Ameen Khan
Said this on 11-30-2011 At 08:22 pm

I agree with Mr. Jashan and he is absolutely right this time because there is no difference between c.v and resume, everything is same but difference in name because of languages and Areas and Cultures and Works

Other names are Curriculam Vitae and Bio Data and Resume and Application etc…..

Said this on 10-6-2010 At 08:44 pm

cv includes our qualification

resume is simply our personal detail

Said this on 11-19-2010 At 12:43 pm

This is not only beautiful but also nice and good to have information.  but U see the data only for the curriculum. It would be better if u strictly distinguish between the CV and continue. Thanks once again

Said this on 3-17-2011 At 06:33 pm

optimum knowledge is here....guys who are dissatisfied should have onus to curve it in a better shape.

Said this on 9-18-2011 At 04:22 pm

When professionals seek out for job opportunities they send out their C.V.s to companies, they have no idea what Human Resource and Personnel Directors are looking for when reviewing these documents. In a typical C.V., the first category is Education, listing preparatory/college/university information and dates right up front. The C.V. continues with Work Experience, often listing jobs going back to college days, and often listing them in chronological order. The C.V. is quite simply a listing of company names, job titles, dates of employment, and job responsibilities. Just the potatoes, without the meat and gravy, so to speak.

According to the dictionary: a resume is "a summary, as of one's employment, education, etc., used in applying for a new position." Conversely, a curriculum vitae (C.V.) is noted as "a regular or particular course of study of or pertaining to education and life."

more info:http://www.howto-write.com/resume/cv_resume_biodata.html

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