Do's and Dont's for Job Searching

There are many things while looking for a job that you should do and there are some things that are don’ts here are some key important factors you will need to know.

Things you should do
• Create a nice clean and concise résumé
• Include a cover letter with your résumé,
• Proof read your résumé over and over again
• Proof read your cover letter
• List any important job functions that you have that pertain to the ad
• Keep your résumé a minimum of 2 pages, one is preferred.
• Take a copy of your résumé when you interview, even though you already sent one
• Dress to impress your interviewer
• Relax while interviewing

Things you should not do
• embellish information on your résumé
• apply for jobs you are not qualifies for
• bring up the subject of pay in an interview
• be late or reschedule
• include your cell number on your résumé,
• make a book out of your résumé,
• brag or sound arrogant about your skill

If you follow these rules and some simple advice you will have a successful interview. These things are very important when looking for a job and there are plenty of other do’s and do not’s but these are the most basic and the most important. All of these tips exist for a reason, if you want a successful interview keep them in mind, you may not get the job all the time and we are not saying if you do these things you will get the job either.

By a successful interview we mean that you did things you should have and did not do things you should not have. If you followed these rules then you will see that you have a clear and correct résumé, you have perfect interview clothes and you are relaxed in the interview and not too uptight. With the job market as it is, you have to fight for every job and that means doing the process better than everyone else.

If your experience fits the job and you have a great personality and you can show the interviewer how you can help their company as well as fit in with the staff. Then you have a real good shot of getting that job. Keep yourself true and don’t come off as someone you are not.

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Said this on 10-4-2010 At 01:52 pm

thanks for giving a such important information

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