GMAT preparation tips


Develop the right Attitude:

Have the determination and discipline to face the Examination

Plan the schedule for the examination

Practice Regularly                                                                    

Seek Expert guidance

Manage your time

The basic skills required are strong basic mathematical skills, grammatically correct English. If you are good at these during your schooling, preparing for GMAT will be much easier. At least 4 month of preparation is required.  Get the GMAT syllabus and have a strong foundation about the fundamentals and then work on the model papers.

Practice on Computer System:

GMAT got computerized during 1997.  You need to know the instructions and format of the test and have good practice on it, to be able to complete the test well in time.

How do you prepare for GMAT

Analyse your position:

Before proceeding with the actual preparation, you need to know to your position and how much more practice you need to reach the goal.  Take frequent tests and do not get disheartened by the low score. Low score should trigger you up for more practice. Till you attain perfection, take written tests. Once you attain proficiency, you can opt for a computerized test. While taking the computerized test, time should be your main factor of concern.

Strong Foundation:

GMAT requires strong fundamentals in Maths and English grammar.  Once you have an idea of which areas you need to concentrate, you can accordingly put in more effort in that particular chapter or the subject.

Practice Tests:

It is important that you take these practice tests serious, as they have been prepared by an authority and they are the scale for measuring your performance. Any mistake that you make must be looked upon as learning opportunity, There are number of online GAMT practice tests available. The more practice tests you take, higher is the score that you achieve.

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Said this on 6-13-2010 At 04:02 pm

Some good advice here. Its very important to get as used to the style and feel of the exam so taking a simulation GMAT test is a bright idea


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