Hello Friends !!
I'm Miss Apeksha Dengre,3rd year B.E  computers student from SSPM'S College Of Engg,Amravati,Maharashtra. On 23rd March '07 I got 1st chance to apper for campus interview. Being 1st chance i was quite nervous but managed somehow, and now finally I GOT PLACED IN IBM Global Sevices.It was really a dream come true.
Dear friends i'm here providing you with pattern paper we had at IBM.plz do go through it will surely help you out.

This was an aptitude test.It was simple and easy but needs your concentration.Aptitude Test had  55 questions divided in 4 sections.

1) English Section :
In this sectin there were in all 10 ques. of which 5 were based on a given paragraph. Rest 5 were too easy ,they included filling up articles and prepositions,also can easily get through this section.

2) Logical Aptitude :
This section had some logical ques. easy can be solved using venn diagrams.Also had some ques on blood relation ship.It was somewhat this way
(unknown values) A company manufactures juicies of different flavours like orange ,mango,pineapple,strwberry etc etc.and some conditions are given as it manufactures 4 packs of pure orange juice,7 packs of banana juice,3 packs of mixed orange and mango and so on .and u r told to find the other quantity such as ...How many pure mango packs are manufactured?
try solving it with help of venn diag.

3) Attention to Detail
This was very easy n interesting some options are given and u need to identify which of them are alike and then mark your final answer.
for eg.  a)XXGFXGGY      b)XXGGFXGY       c) XXGFXGGY        d)XXFFGXXGY.
you are given answer options as    1) a & b are alike.

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Said this on 9-28-2008 At 12:36 am
there are not full information are provided
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