Infosys - Interview at DELHI - 1 March 2008

 Paper Type     : General - Interview  

 Test Date        : 1  March  2008   

 Test Location  : DELHI 

Hello friends This is Rohit from Mechanical & Automation M.A.I.T. Delhi.Infosys conducted a campus recruitment process at our college on 1st & 2nd of march. Four colleges participated in the campus drive-ours MAIT, GTBIT, GPMCE, & HMR. Around 800 students sit for the test, out of around 250 students from our college 60 were selected in the written test & finally from 60 students 52 were finally selected for the INFOSYS.

In the test intially we have given an application form in which we have to fill up our details with utmost care.After that paper started.There are two sections :
1.Reasoning Ability
2.Verbal Ability 
first d reasoning paper was there in which there are 30 questions which are to be done in 40 minutes.dere were 5 questions on sygollism,1 puzzle,questions based on a paragraph,5 questions on diagrammatic series etc,etc.

Then verbal paper was given in which there are 40 questions which is to be answered in 35minutes only. There were questions on sentence correction, grammar, inference from para,2 long comprehension.TIME MANAGEMENT is most important in this section.

For preparation of the wriitten just follow VERBAL & NON-VERBAL by RS AGGARWAL. 

The result was announced after 2-3 hours.Selected students were asked to wait for the interview but due to some reason interview held on next day.
In interview there was only a old-aged person sitting.
ME: sir may i come in?
HR :hmm
ME: Good Afternoon sir
HR :Indicated me to have a seat.
ME: Thank you sir

He gave me an attendance sheet & asked me to fill it up.Then he asked for my C.V, I gave my C.V. to him.Then he looked into it.after a long pause......
HR: Tell me about yourself?
ME: Ans
HR: What do your father do?
ME: Ans
HR: Your hobby is surfing internet(i hav wriitten in cv).How often u visit internet cafe?
ME: Ans
HR: What is IP Address?
ME: Ans
HR: How will you measure the surface area of this room?
ME: Ans
HR: What is the diiference between pulley & lever & which got higher mechanical advantage? (For Mechanical skills)
ME: Ans
HR: Have u ever worked in a team?
ME: ye sir
HR: What is the difficulty in working in a team?
ME: Ans
HR: Do you read any book,magaxine or newspaper?
ME: yes sir i read TOI.
HR: Tell me todays Headline?
ME: Told
HR: Who is the vice-president of India?
ME: Ans
HR: Who is th C.M. of Kerala?
ME: Ans
HR: What is the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir?
ME: Ans

At last he asked
ME: Answered it to his satisfaction...
HR: You can leave now
ME: Thank you sir. 
After around 1 hour,our results were announced and we 52  peoples were selected for the INFOSYS.

WEll what i can say is u should be fully aware of what u have written in your CV & about current affairs and last but not least is the CONFIDENCE in urself


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Said this on 2-10-2010 At 04:31 pm

I want a exact answer for t HR question

Said this on 8-15-2010 At 11:22 pm

pls  write  statement u deliver at the time of interview rather than ans.

Said this on 12-16-2010 At 01:59 pm
I want a exact answer for t HR question

Said this on 3-7-2011 At 05:24 pm

I want xact answr fr de hr qustns..

Said this on 9-8-2011 At 01:31 am

hii... plz give the exact answer... so that it would help alot accrdng to the interview pt...

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