Infosys Testpaper- Aditya Engineering College,Andhra Pradesh - 16 July 2008

  Paper Type     :  Whole Testpaper  
  Test Date        :  16  July  2008   
  Test Location  : Aditya Engineering College,Andhra Pradesh 

Hai friends, This is Jayasri, M.C.A. Student of Aditya Engineering College , Kakinada , East Godavari district. Andhra Pradesh. I feel proud to say that I am an Infoscion now. Thanks to the Almighty and my dearest friend who helped me a lot. Now coming to the selection procedure,
No. of students appeared: 539
No. of students cleared written test: 27 }
No. of students finally selected: 8 (I was one among them)  
1) Written Test
2) Behavioural Interview
The written paper consists of two sections:  
A) Reasoning                           (30 questions in 40 minutes)
B) Verbal ability  (ENGLISH) (40 questions in 35 minutes)
Coming  to  reasoning  part, go  through  "R.S.AGGARWAL  VERBAL  AND NON-  VERBAL  REASONING"  book.
The topics to be covered are
1) Blood relations
2) Puzzle test (most important - all the seven types)
3) Ranking
4) Data sufficiency
5) Logical deduction (syllogisms - most important)
6) Theme deduction (for English paper)
7) Series (only figurative)
8) Data interpretation      

Our question paper is as follows:
QUESTIONS (1-5) BASED ON "ranking"  
1) Raja ranks 9th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students are there in a class?
2) Anil ranked 16th from the top and 23rd from the bottom among those who passed in an exam. 6 boys did not participate in the exam and 5 failed. How many boys were there in the class?
3) Similar questions on the same topic
(Sometimes problems based on cube and dice, puzzle test may be asked in this section)  
QUESTIONS (6-10) BASED ON "series’’ (figurative)  
Out of the five figures given, pick the odd man out (i.e., which doesn't follow the order)  
QUESTIONS (11-15) BASED ON "data sufficiency"
QUESTIONS (16-20) BASED ON "data interpretation" (bar chart is given for us)
QUESTIONS (20-25) BASED ON "puzzle test''
(Prepare all the seven models. They were very easy)
QUESTIONS (26-30) BASED ON "syllogisms"
The model of the question is as follows:
Each question given below consists of 5 or 6 statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument containing logically related statements that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements.
A :             B :
C :             D :
E :              F :  
a) ACD      b)BEF          c)CDE        d)CEF
Two reading comprehensions were given and five questions were asked on each of them.   They were very lengthy. Don’t waste time reading this. First answer the remaining questions and then come to these questions.
(Correction of sentences)
In case of the following sentence, a part of the sentence is highlighted.  Beneath the sentence, four different parts of correcting the highlighted part were given. Choose the best alternative.
(i.e.  Correcting the underlined part of the sentence)
Choose the correct sentence of the following four given sentences.
QUESTIONS (20-30) (Theme Detection)
(Prepare this topic from "R.S.AGGARWAL VERBAL AND NON- VERBAL REASONING” book.)
Each of the following questions contains a small paragraph followed by a question on it.  Read each paragraph carefully and answer the question below it:
(Here a small paragraph was given and a question was asked as:  The passage best supports the statement that:
we have to choose the best alternative)  
COMING TO INTERVIEW PART, be prepared with the questions,
1) Tell me about yourself
2) Why infy?
3) Situations where you show your leadership qualities
4) A topic was given and asked us to tell about something on it
5) Be aware of the news of the day
6) Some puzzles were also asked
(KEEP SMILING THROUGHOUT THE INTERVIEW. If you plan yourself in a proper way, it is not difficult to crack “INFOSYS”)
(Meet u at “Infy”) As it was my dream company, I was grateful to my friend who guides me to get selected…….



Comments (3)

Said this on 8-23-2008 At 09:18 am
nicely roll back akka
Said this on 12-31-2009 At 07:42 pm

hi ,

      this is satheesh studing btech third year.I have a clarification ,u told that puzzles will be asked from seven types.can u inform me what are those seven types or where can i find those....

and is that they follow same models that were already there or they will change the model type..

         waiting for u r reply

Said this on 1-2-2010 At 10:25 am

I think she is talking about puzzles like Time and distance, clock and other types of puzzles. You can refer to Shankuntala Devi Puzzles . You can download Shakuntala Devi Puzzles.

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