Interview Questions in SAP HR

1. What is the difference between PCR and CAP?

2. How do you run payroll?

3. How do your correct payroll?

4. If i want to include some more wage types, say bonus from today.
How should i do that?

5. What is meant by payroll area? What are the uses of payroll area?

6. What is meant by a control record.

7. What is meant by retroactive accounting?

8. How do you create customized ITs? What is the no. range for
customer specific ITs?

9. What are day types? How many day types exist? What are they? Where
do you configure them?

10. What is a counting rule?

11. What is absence type?

12. How do you configure absence? Give an example

13. What is absence quota type?

14. What are the features you used in benefits?

15. How many health plans have you configured, what are they?

16. What are the most important ITs in benefits?

17. List the applicant actions in recruitment.

18. What is the feature used for Personnel Administrator. What group
should u use in that?

19. What are the IT's used in NUMKR? (I said NUMKR is associated with
Org. Assgnmt.)

20. What is an applicant group?

21. What is an unsolicited applicant group?

22. What is the t.code for authroizations?

23. Differentiate between Payroll area and payscale area.

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Please send the answers to my mail.

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ans-1: pcr is personnel calculation rule.the employee subgroup grouping for the pcr is required in payroll accounting where as cap is collective agreement provisions grouping is required for indirect valuation of wagetypes in the basic pay ooo8

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What are the IT's used in NUMKR? (I said NUMKR is associated with
Org. Assgnmt.) ans- 0000 is the infotype use in NUMKR
Leslie Dias
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Pls provide me with answers to the above questions
Leslie Dias
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1 Ans: PCR is Personnel Calculation rule used in Schemas
where as CAP is Collective Agreement Provision.

2Ans: Using the Payroll Driver RPCALCX00

3 ANS: It can be corrected in Control record.

5 Ans: Payroll area : it is the group of employees for whom the payroll is run at once.
9 ans: Day Types are special days which are used when there is any inexpected holidays like Bandhs and Others.

10 ANs: Counting rule is uused to counn the number leaves left.
11 NAs: Absence type is the type of Absences like Casula Sick and Paid etc.
12 ANs : Absence Quota is the number of leaves an emplyee gets in a year.

13 Ans:
Said this on 3-12-2010 At 10:46 pm

a)5.payroll area is an organizatio unit containing all of the employee for whom the py runs at the same time ....and used in 2 functions. groups together the personnel numbers that are to be processed on the same date. determines the exact payroll peroid

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23 ans:
Pay roll area indicates the group of employees for whom pay roll is run together, Pay scale area iis geographical are or groups of employees for whom a particular CAP is Valid.
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anyone pls reply to Questions. 6, 7, 8, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

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Any one can rply these ans.

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Thanks for the person who kept this questions here.
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your questions are nice. I want to put forward a few questions which I were asked but cdnt find a suitable answer to that ... I had to make up my own. hope u can help!

1st - how do we create an action? define all the steps .. even though i defined creating the infotypes, infogroups and usergroup etc, it jus seemed the guy wasnt happy about it ...

2nd - In the Indian version of SAP HR, do we have an inbuilt or non-customised infotype, namely- caste, subcaste, religion
Said this on 3-12-2010 At 10:56 pm

action pa40 navigation is pm-pa-customer procedures-action-define infogroup-user group dep-infotype-create much i kw..please provide me answers of these questions if u have

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these questions are realy cognizance for the new SAP HR aspirants..
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Q 2) How do you run payroll?
Ans 2) One has to release a payroll before you execute it, only then payroll run must take place.
First -- use t-code to release payroll is PA00_M40_PA03_RELEA (here in M40--40 stands for country grping; PA03 is the t-code for control record;)
then use t-code PC00_m01_calc to execute.
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Lakshmi Kant, What is your educational/professional background? Check below resources.



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