Introduction to Unix

Very good resource for unix developers & admins. This book contains step by step tutorial of unix commands. This also has definitions of unix terms, unix/linux concepts.

Below are the contents of this eBook. You can download this eBook from the attachments section below.

UNIX is a layered operating system. The innermost layer is the hardware that provides the services for the OS. The operating system, referred to in Unix as the kernel, interacts directly with the hardware and provides the services to the user programs. These user programs don’t need to know anything about the hardware. They just need to know how to interact with the kernel and it’s up to the kernel to provide the desired service. One of the big appeals of UNIX to programmers has been that most well written user programs are independent of the underlying hardware, making them readily portable to new systems.

User programs interact with the kernel through a set of standard system calls. These system calls request services to be provided by the kernel. Such services would include accessing a file: open close, read, write, link, or execute a file; starting or updating accounting records; changing ownership of a file or directory; changing to a new directory; creating, suspending, or killing a process; enabling access to hardware devices; and setting limits on system resources.


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Said this on 11-7-2007 At 10:44 am
its good book
Said this on 11-30-2007 At 02:27 pm
very useful for us that purpose downloading
Said this on 12-9-2007 At 08:46 pm
send some basic concepts in unix and linux
Said this on 12-11-2007 At 06:21 pm
Its good book & very useful for us that purpose downloading
Said this on 12-26-2007 At 08:55 pm
very good knowledgable book
Said this on 12-30-2007 At 10:19 pm
excellent for beginers and professionals
Said this on 1-2-2008 At 12:27 pm
This is very useful for beginners like me to know basic things.I appreciate it.
Said this on 2-19-2008 At 09:13 pm
its a gud book!!!!!!!!
Said this on 2-29-2008 At 09:07 am
v v v goood boook
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Said this on 8-8-2008 At 09:20 pm
thanx fr providing information
Said this on 8-20-2008 At 11:57 am
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