Java Tutorial & Beginner's guide

Java tutorial and beginners guide.

Computer programs are read by both computes and humans. You write Java instructions to tell the computer what to do. You must also write comments to explain to humans what the program does. Of course, Java can't understand them because they are written in English, or Spanish, or Thai, or ... .

Java ignores all comments. There is, however, a program called javadoc which reads certain kinds of comments and produces HTML documentation

One of the most effective ways to make a program readable is to put spaces in at key points. There are several styles for doing this. Even more important is to put blank lines in your program. These should separate sections of code. There should be a blank line between each "paragraph" of code. By paragraph, I mean a group of statements that belong together logically; there is no Java concept of paragraph.

Please download this tutorial from the attachments section below.


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Said this on 7-15-2008 At 05:07 pm
Superb website for learners
Said this on 7-20-2008 At 12:47 am
excellent work
Mohammed Umar Maniar
Said this on 8-9-2008 At 10:05 am
Check out this kit
Said this on 12-11-2008 At 10:57 am
very excellent...try to provide with depth understanding & free download to develop the skills for Software students
Said this on 12-20-2008 At 03:22 pm
Said this on 2-18-2010 At 05:22 pm

i wanna learn java

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Said this on 1-11-2011 At 09:38 pm

What is the difference between Java and core java


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