Job and Salary Questions

Why Should We Employ You?

For this question, your answer should list out strengths that you feel are relevant to the job. Given below are some answers which could help you with your answers. However, structure them to suit your requirements.

I have good co-ordination skills

Good analytical skills

I can persuade people to see my point of view, and get the work done

My greatest asset is my ability to motivate people

Even during emergencies, I do not loose my cool

I have good entrepreneurial skills

I have consistently met my deadlines and targets

Can say “no” to people when required to do so!

I am very co-operative with my sub-ordinates, and would like to see them grow

I am a good team player

I am very flexible, and have the ability to work hard under difficult work conditions

I have the experience and knowledge relevant to this job (Here, give appropriate details and examples)

Have You Applied to Any Other Company?

This is of course a difficult question to answer. Obviously, you must have applied to other companies if you are looking for a job. Therefore, do not lie that you have not. However, you are on thin ice here! The interviewer could be checking your honesty. On the other hand, he/she may also be trying to find out how focused you are - are you applying randomly, or is there a well-planned strategy?

Whatever your answer, it should match your career goals.

What Is Your Job Profile In the Current Job?

The interviewer is trying to find out if your experience can help the company – if you have the relevant skills or not! While answering this type of a question, give all details about your job profile, and also mention any special skills that you imparted to the job.

What Salary Are You Drawing?

The question is not difficult to answer – just be honest and give the figure. In all probability, your next employer may base your salary on this amount. However, the problem arises when you feel you are being underpaid in your current organisation. You may feel tempted to lie, but do not give in, as checks can be easily made and you may be disqualified. In case you are getting additional perks, incentives or commissions, do not forget to mention them, as they are important while negotiating salary.

What Salary Are You Expecting?

Try not to get into salary details early in the interview. If pressed, you could say that it all depends on the job, and would like to talk about it after a job offer. Say this in a convincing tone. In case you are asked this question in your latter interviews, give a direct answer. Do not sound apologetic while quoting the figure you have in mind.



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Rajindar Reddy
Said this on 5-21-2007 At 10:02 am
Simply Gr8
Said this on 5-22-2007 At 04:00 pm
very nice . and useful to many people
Said this on 5-23-2007 At 03:57 pm
ur suggestion was nice.
Said this on 5-28-2007 At 12:10 pm
i think it will usefull to every s/w engineer who face a interviews
Somasundar reddy
Said this on 6-6-2007 At 04:40 am
It was very useful content for every jobseeker.
M Surendra Reddy
Said this on 6-6-2007 At 05:57 am
This is very nice to face the 1st time interview.
Said this on 9-4-2007 At 06:15 pm
it's a good...
Said this on 12-12-2007 At 02:41 pm
its a very good site..
please try to make up dates daily.
mainly regarding interview Questions

thank u.......
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