SAP ALE Configuration

This document describes in detail the necessary ALE/EDI Configuration settings in SAP .

General Configuration


To transfer the SAP data, necessary ALE customization should be carried out in SAP. This section explains the minimum general settings that have to be carried out irrespective of the process (Outbound or Inbound). DEBMAS02 is the IDoc type used for both inbound and outbound process.


Note:   The menu paths given in this document refer to the 4.6B version of SAP. Wherever possible, transaction codes are also given. Depending on the SAP Version, it is possible that the menu paths may vary.


The following are the settings that have to be maintained in case of general configuration settings. Each step is dealt in detail with the help of Screen Shot.


1.      Maintain Logical System

2.      Assign client to Logical System

3.      Port Definition

4.      Maintain Distribution Model

5.      Change Partner Profile of the Logical System

6.       Activate Change Pointers

Download full document from the attachments section below.


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After reading this documents i was able to do basic setting which is req. for ALE but after that what types programs we have to write pls tell me???
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why bother stating the obvious? It would have been almost useful had you mentioned HOW to do this, but you probably don't know either...

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this improves knowledge and increasing intrest
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I'm just evaluating.
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