SAP BI 7.0 Features

Features in BI 7.0 or Netweaver 2004s


    Below are the features in SAP BI 7.0 version. Some of the features are new and the others are tweaked from previous versions.


Metadata Search (Developer Functionality) :


  1. It is possible to search BI metadata (such as InfoCubes, InfoObjects, queries, Web templates) using the TREX search engine. This search is integrated into the Metadata Repository, the Data Warehousing Workbench and to some degree into the object editors. With the simple search, a search for one or all object types is performed in technical names and in text.
  2. During the text search, lower and uppercase are ignored and the object will also be found when the case in the text is different from that in the search term. With the advanced search, you can also search in attributes. These attributes are specific to every object type. Beyond that, it can be restricted for all object types according to the person who last changed it and according to the time of the change.
  3.  For example, you can search in all queries that were changed in the last month and that include both the term "overview" in the text and the characteristic customer in the definition. Further functions include searching in the delivered (A) version, fuzzy search and the option of linking search terms with “AND” and “OR”.
  4. "Because the advanced search described above offers more extensive options for search in metadata, the function ""Generation of Documents for Metadata"" in the administration of document management (transaction RSODADMIN) was deleted. You have to schedule (delta) indexing of metadata as a regular job (transaction RSODADMIN).


      • Effects on Customizing
      • Installation of TREX search engine
      • Creation of an RFC destination for the TREX search engine
      • Entering the RFC destination into table RSODADMIN_INT
      • Determining relevant object types
      • Initial indexing of metadata"


Remote Activation of DataSources (Developer Functionality) :


1.      When activating Business Content in BI, you can activate DataSources remotely from the BI system. This activation is subject to an authorization check. You need role SAP_RO_BCTRA. Authorization object S_RO_BCTRA is checked. The authorization is valid for all DataSources of a source system. When the objects are collected, the system checks the authorizations remotely, and issues a warning if you lack authorization to activate the DataSources.


2.       In BI, if you trigger the transfer of the Business Content in the active version, the results of the authorization check are based on the cache. If you lack the necessary authorization for activation, the system issues a warning for the DataSources. BW issues an error for the corresponding source-system-dependent objects (transformations, transfer rules, transfer structure, InfoPackage, process chain, process variant). In this case, you can use Customizing for the extractors to manually transfer the required DataSources in the source system from the Business Content, replicate them in the BI system, and then transfer the corresponding source-system-dependent objects from the Business Content. If you have the necessary authorizations for activation, the DataSources in the source system are transferred to the active version and replicated in the BI system. The source-system-dependent objects are activated in the BI system.


3.      Source systems and/or BI systems have to have BI Service API SAP NetWeaver 2004s at least; otherwise remote activation is not supported. In this case, you have to activate the DataSources in the source system manually and then replicate them to the BI system.

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veerabhadra rao
Said this on 12-13-2007 At 08:45 am
ple ever topic through realtime experence and development teem through new sap reports.
Verol Thompson
Said this on 3-6-2008 At 07:03 pm
Excellent summary.
I have been working on BW since 1.1A as a consultant. I only spent a few weeks looking on BI 7.0 and your summary is better than anything I found at SDN. I am interested in maintain a BI (not SAP specific) site, but it seemed you have been doing this.
Do you do portals?
maitree mishra
Said this on 10-28-2009 At 08:35 am

i want some bi 7.0 step by step material.

can u send me please.

Said this on 4-8-2008 At 02:20 pm
very useful stuff for guys to know at a glace abt SAP BI
Pradosh Kumar Patra
Said this on 7-1-2008 At 04:33 pm
there are little thing i can get fromthis article. More elaborate about BI would be helpful.
Said this on 2-7-2009 At 12:59 pm
Said this on 4-17-2009 At 11:45 pm
Excellent Document!!!
Said this on 5-15-2009 At 03:07 pm
wonderful effort
Chandu UK
Said this on 8-17-2009 At 03:22 pm
thanks a lot guys..for your ppl really are great in heart
Said this on 12-25-2009 At 12:27 pm


i want some bi 7.0 step by step material. If possible please send me a soft copy for my mail ID.

Said this on 2-25-2011 At 06:13 pm


i am aravind.please open this site and you can find docs of sap bi download from there.


thanks with


Said this on 3-19-2010 At 05:57 pm


I have been working on ABAP. I am interested learn BI could you please provide any materials.


Said this on 3-20-2010 At 04:59 am

Sankar, you can download SAP BW tutorials and how to guides from below link.

SAP BW tutorials and how to guides


Said this on 2-13-2011 At 02:34 pm


Said this on 4-13-2010 At 11:05 pm

please can someone send me an information about SAP BI step by step as i am very much interested in persuing for BI

Said this on 4-13-2010 At 11:13 pm

Siddardh, you can download SAP BW How-To guides, tutorials from here.

Said this on 6-14-2010 At 01:57 pm

Hi,i ve some BI 7 material but i want some step by step soft material plz send me ASAP

Stuart Wilson
Said this on 6-26-2010 At 10:41 pm

Can anyone give me some information on how to load the SAP demo csv files into the demo cube on BW 7.0?

A step by step guide on activating business content would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Said this on 8-9-2010 At 05:56 pm

thank you, its very useful to me

Said this on 6-7-2011 At 04:33 am

Hi friends,

Recntly i joined in BI7.  I am unable to find the proper study material to get prepare.  So, plz plz plz can U send me the soft copies of bi7 according to concept wise...Thanks in adv to my strange friends..

Said this on 6-7-2011 At 04:35 am

Hi,i ve some BI 7 material but i want some step by step soft material plz send me ASAP

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