SAP BW Interview Questions - Part B

Here are some questions and answers.

1)name the two table that provide detail information about data source
2)how and when can you control whether repeat delta is requested?
3)how can you improve the performance of a query
4)how to prevent duplicate record in at the data target level
5)what is virtual cube? its significance
6)diff methods of generic datasource
7)how to connect anew data target to an existing data flow
8)what is partition
9) SAP batch process
10)how do you improve the info cube design preformance
12)is there any diff between repair run/repaire request.if yes then please tell me in detail
13)difference between process chain and infopackage group
diff between partition/aggregate


Q 3) Query Performance can be improved by making the Aggregates having all the Chars & KF used in Query.

Q 5) Virtual Cube : InfoProvider with transaction data that is not stored in the object itself, but which is read directly for analysis and reporting purposes. The relevant data can be from the BI system or from other SAP or non-SAP systems.
VirtualProviders only allow read access to data.

Q 6) Diff Methods of Generic datasource using Transaction RSO2 :
a) Extraction from DB Table or View
b) Extraction from SAP Query
c) Extraction by Function Module

2) Important BW datasource relevant tables

ROOSOURCE: Table Header for SAP BW OLTP Sources

RODELTAM: BW Delta Process

ROOSFIELD: DataSource Fields

ROOSGEN: Generated Objects for OLTP Source, Last changed date and who etc.

3) For Q 8) i think you mean table partition
You use partition to improve performance. You can only partiton on 0CALMONTH or 0FISCPER
6. Generic Extarction using 1.Views 2. Infoset Queries , 3. Function modules
5) Hi Santosh

Pls note down the Q& ANS
Some of the Real time question.
Q) Under which menu path is the Test Workbench to be found, including in earlier Releases?

The menu path is: Tools - ABAP Workbench - Test - Test Workbench.

Q) I want to delete a BEx query that is in Production system through request. Is anyone aware about it?

A) Have you tried the RSZDELETE transaction?

Q) Errors while monitoring process chains.

A) During data loading. Apart from them, in process chains you add so many process types, for example after loading data into Info Cube, you rollup data into aggregates, now this rolling up of data into aggregates is a process type which you keep after the process type for loading data into Cube. This rolling up into aggregates might fail.

Another one is after you load data into ODS, you activate ODS data (another process type) this might also fail.

Q) In Monitor----- Details (Header/Status/Details) à Under Processing (data packet): Everything OK à Context menu of Data Package 1 (1 Records): Everything OK ---- Simulate update. (Here we can debug update rules or transfer rules.)

SM50 à Program/Mode à Program à Debugging & debug this work process.

Q) PSA Cleansing.

A) You know how to edit PSA. I don't think you can delete single records. You have to delete entire PSA data for a request.

Q) Can we make a datasource to support delta.

A) If this is a custom (user-defined) datasource you can make the datasource delta enabled. While creating datasource from RSO2, after entering datasource name and pressing create, in the next screen there is one button at the top, which says generic delta. If you want more details about this there is a chapter in Extraction book, it's in last pages u find out.

Generic delta services: -

Supports delta extraction for generic extractors according to:

Time stamp

Calendar day

Numeric pointer, such as document number & counter

Only one of these attributes can be set as a delta attribute.

Delta extraction is supported for all generic extractors, such as tables/views, SAP Query and function modules

The delta queue (RSA7) allows you to monitor the current status of the delta attribute

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Don't lie on your resume, go learn the product and stop wasting everyones time !!!
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