SAP FICO Interview Questions

Users can find all interview questions and answers related to SAP FICO. Following are few interview questions. For complete set of questionnaire refer to the attachment.

What are the various organizational assignments to a company code?
Company Code is a legal entity for which financial statements like Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets are generated. Plants are assigned to the company code, Purchasing organization is assigned to the company code, and Sales organization is assigned to the company code.

What is the relation between a Controlling Areas and a Company code?
A Controlling area can have the following 2 type of relationship with a Company code
a. Single Company code relation
b. Cross Company code relation
This means that one single controlling area can be assigned to several different company codes. Controlling can have a one is to one relationship or a one is to many relationship with different company codes.
Controlling Area is the umbrella under which all controlling activities of Cost Center Accounting, Product Costing, Profit Center and Profitability Analysis are stored.
In a similar way Company Codes is the umbrella for Finance activities.

How many Chart of Accounts can a Company code have?
A single Company code can have only one Chart of Account assigned to it. The Chart of Accounts is nothing but the list of General Ledger Accounts.
What are the options in SAP when it comes to Fiscal years?
Fiscal year is nothing but the way financial data is stored in the system. You have 12 periods in SAP and also four special periods. These periods are stored in what is called the fiscal year variant.
There are two types of Fiscal Year Variant
• Calender Year – Jan-Dec, April -March
• Year Dependent Fiscal Year .


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