SD Interview Questions

1.   What is the purpose of text determination, account determination, partner determination, output 
      determination,storagelocation determination
2.   What are the five imp fields to be maintained in account determination
3.   How to create excise invoice and what is it
4.   What is meant by transfer of data from legacy code to sap
5.   What do you do really in pricing determination, and what are the main deifferences between
      one pricing procedure determination to the others, which data control these differences
6.   What type of reports generally a support consultant maintain and report
7.   What are interfaces used  generally an indian organisation  which is in retail business
      and and which is in banking business and oil business.
8.   What is the purpose of shipping point determination not menu path
9.   What and where types of copy controls we change 
10. How to and where to maintain copy controls
11. What is purpose of maintaining common distribution channels and common divisions


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Need more information
Said this on 11-28-2009 At 11:56 pm

thank u sir,  really i am happy i need frehers resume in SD & CRM ... i am completed MBA & systems & marketing .... my id

Jaya Lakshmi
Said this on 8-2-2010 At 01:14 pm

Hi Saran,

I am Jaya Lakshmi and looking for a good opportunity to get into SAP. I am working with a Singapore based MNC which is manufacturing industry. I take care of all Sales activities right from order receipt from customer, order release in SAP, taking care of supply chain/logistics & payment clearance. our entire order processing is done in SAP only. i use SAP for order processing. have domain experience for 6+ years. now would like to move into SAP. Pls do let me know if you know any good opening for my profile.

Said this on 4-21-2011 At 05:46 pm


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