hello friends, i m rachit aggarwal .....doin my from computer science from iet lucknow and presently in 6th selected 4 tcs...first of all ,there was a writtten on 4th june in which 190 are shortlisted out of 240......interviews are on chance come at 11.00..

first of all there was a technical interview nd my area of interest are data structure nd dbms.and there were two members in my panel...
Interviewer: take
ur seat.
Interviewer:helllo,how are u ?
me: sir fine..
Interviewer: what about scorching heat in
Interviewer: ok tell me sth about urself?
me: ridiculous....
Interviewer: what??
me: sir ,scorching heat.....
Interviewer: ok.
me: sir i m rachit aggarwal and i belongs to saharanpur.i have done my class 10th and 12 th in '02 and '04 from c.b.s.e. board and in da same yr. i was selected here wid da branch of my choice.sir,i m an extrovert personality and have a smiling strenghts include....(obstruct me  in between)
Interviewer: ok wat is ur area of interest ?
me: sir ,data structure.
interviewer: can u be more specific in data structure?
me: sorting
interviewer: how many types of sorting u hav learnt?
me:aroung 6 or 5.
interviewer: ok start telling me one by one.
me:told bubble sort and ask for a paper to writes its program.
interviewer:(gave paper)u can also write an algo in whatever u r comfortable.
me:i make program of bubble and start explaining insertion sort.......he obstruct in between..and ask which is best sorting.... i said on basis of complexity ,merge and heap are equallyu best but heap take more memory..........nd if we r sure that there will never be worst case ie. already sorted data ....then quick is best.......
interviewer:ok.tell me the ht. of binary tree?
me:max=n-1 and min=logn;
interviewer:tell me difference between fat32 and ntfs?
me:sir os is not area of interest....
interviewer:ok.tell me wat is dbms? and referential integrity?

then he talk about my elder brother who is also in tcs ....and ask wat feedback u r getting from him???
i told......
then i was selected nd there was a h.r. round.....
interviewer:why u wanted to join tcs??
me: i told...
interviewer:(after some moment)so,u dont have any gap??
me:no sir...
interviewer:good .......any query abt tcs...
me:no , sir....
then there was no ,mr round due to lack of time nd i was selected along with other 115 candidates......

All da best.....


Comments (16)

Said this on 8-24-2007 At 07:05 pm
need tips for us that we too could perform well..
t.sujata kumari sahu
Said this on 9-26-2007 At 02:39 am
Said this on 3-9-2008 At 07:11 pm
I am a student of Jadavpur University..
Said this on 4-18-2008 At 06:58 pm
I want to join TCS
Sudhir Vaish
Said this on 5-3-2008 At 05:01 pm
This is very profitable. We should try to it to do it.
sandeep pandey
Said this on 5-5-2008 At 06:43 pm
i m looking for a good job
Said this on 5-20-2008 At 12:10 pm
Instead of story should have mentioned questions bein asked. The level of questions as per him is not TCS standard as seen.
Poonam joshi
Said this on 5-20-2008 At 06:02 pm
Said this on 7-24-2008 At 05:11 pm
Congratulations my dear friend.
I too want to place in tcs.Give me more ideas to develop myself.
Said this on 9-30-2008 At 05:19 pm
very wonderful review......helped me lot in getting thru tcs
Said this on 9-30-2008 At 05:20 pm
bht badiya......

java mein hello world likh ke dikha......
Said this on 4-9-2009 At 12:18 pm
I think u should give some more detail about ur interview as what were the question which were asked and ur replies,only then the aspiring candidates will get some help.......This is pretty useless to tell all the faaltu details and hiding the important one..........Anyways don't get offended........congrats!!!
Said this on 5-27-2009 At 06:53 pm
Currently i m working in monark system at kanpur.and i want to join tcs
Ram Singh
Said this on 6-25-2009 At 07:25 am
Congratulations, you got selected because you are hard working, but there is no proficiency in your English writing skills. Rachit mend your ways before it is too late.
Said this on 6-1-2011 At 06:16 pm

currently i am service acme tele power ltd. company since one year.

sanjay kumar vishwakarma
Said this on 12-29-2011 At 01:47 pm
Currently i m working in Computer industry at gorakhpur and i want to join tcs


sanjay  kumar vishwakarma   mo No : 9415280683

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