My TCS Interview (Technical + HR)

Though I was not selected, I decided to share my interview with u all., HR and Technical was combined into 1 interview due to lack of time.
1. What is the difference between calculator n computer?
2. What is Applet?
3. What is pointer?
4. What is pointer of pointer?
5. What is Polymorphism?
6. What is function overloading?
7. What is Inheritance?
8. What is HTML?
9. What are
ur future plans?
10. So u think u r hard working?
11. If u r asked to carry buckets of water, which requires hard working people, will u do the job?
12. What will u do if IT industry collapses suddenly? Any alternate future plans?
13. R u interested in politics?
14. Can u answer questions from Economics?
15. R u not interested in
India's Economy?
16. Can u exchange Franc with Euro?
17. Pound is the currency of which country?
18. Mark is the currency of which country?
19. Who is the captain of Brazil Football Team?
20. Who is the captain of England Cricket Team?
21. U dont watch Cricket?
22. What do u do at home? Only studies?
23. What type of information u search in Internet?
24. So u Can make a Virus?

Subhajit Maji

Comments (7)

Said this on 12-24-2007 At 11:53 am
Said this on 12-31-2007 At 03:55 pm
nobody writes theeir failure but
u wrote it so that it will help others thanku verymuch 4om all
Said this on 1-16-2008 At 07:57 pm
its good for us
Akshatha Pai
Said this on 1-18-2008 At 10:41 pm
Dont worry U'll get selected in some other company... Even if u've not get selected u've posted ur questions.. Thank u... It will surely help others...
parag patil
Said this on 1-20-2008 At 07:47 pm
parag see towards it
Said this on 7-2-2008 At 12:13 pm
Said this on 8-18-2010 At 02:25 pm

Thanks 4 Sharing wid us, definately it will help us in future........

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