Tester's Guide

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What is software 'quality'?

Quality software is reasonably bug-free, delivered on time and within budget, meets requirements and/or expectations, and is maintainable.

What is verification? validation?

Verification typically involves reviews and meetings to evaluate documents, plans, code, requirements, and specifications. This can be done with checklists, issues lists, walkthroughs, and inspection meetings. Validation typically involves actual testing and takes place after verifications are completed.

What's an 'inspection'?

An inspection is more formalized than a 'walkthrough', typically with 3-8 people including a moderator, reader (the author of whatever is being reviewed), and a recorder to take notes. The subject of the inspection is typically a document such as a requirements spec or a test plan, and the purpose is to find problems and see what's missing, not to fix anything.

QA & testing ? Differences

Software QA involves the entire software development PROCESS - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with. It is oriented to 'prevention'

Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results (eg, 'if the user is in interface A of the application while using hardware B, and does C, then D should happen'). The controlled conditions should include both normal and abnormal conditions. Testing should intentionally attempt to make things go wrong to determine if things happen when they shouldn't or things don't happen when they should. It is oriented to 'detection'.

Download the complete document from the attachments section below.

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nice collection to all levels!!
sai krishna.k
Said this on 12-4-2007 At 09:20 am
im unable to see the QA concepts and guidelines documents.
pls can u clarify this.
Uma Gowda
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I am not able to view the contents in the other links except terms to understand.Can you please help
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it's good
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this is very good for futurer earnning test engineers and the mnc companys also excelent guide lines for us thanks alot
P.Issac Samarpan Raju
Said this on 1-20-2008 At 10:30 am
It is very helpeful fot testing
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it good
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i am unable to see the page-testers guidelines.Would u please clear this link
debaleena roy
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good & helpfull document for testers
Abhijit Dutta
Said this on 3-10-2008 At 09:57 am
Please Keep on Updating
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excellent material
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