Use case Derived Test Cases

A document explaining Use case Derived Test Cases. Below are excerpts from this document. Download the complete document from the attachments section below.

Use Cases are used to specify the required functionality of an Object-Oriented system. Test cases that are derived from use cases take advantage of the existing specification to ensure good functional test coverage of the system.

A Use Case is a top level category of system functionality, (i.e.: Log on, Shut down, etc.).  A Use Case has graphical representation, Figure 3, and a  text description. The diagram identifies all the actors (outside of the system) involved in the function, as well as an indication of how the Use Case is initiated.  The collection of Use Case diagrams provides a ‘context’ diagram of system interfaces.  Each Use Case constitutes a complete list of events initiated by an Actor and it specifies the interaction that takes place between an Actor and the System.[1].  In a Use Case the system is viewed as opaque, where only the inputs, outputs, and functionality matter.


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try give more information,which should useful to interviews.
thank u anyway
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very nice guidence to the job seekers really appriciating
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Nice, but give me a brief details
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ok fine but some difficults are here
to avoid the difficulties ...
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could u plz forward more articles about manual testing
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It's too poor answer.You are answering like any dunky.A normal guy'll give gud answer.
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ok but explaining with some examples i ts very good to understand
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It is very good
Said this on 5-27-2009 At 05:59 pm
There is no clarity in the info provided on Test Case, Test Scenario.
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Can anyone help, how to derive test cases from use case. If possible plz provide example also.


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