1. Which controls can not be placed in MDI ?
2. List out controls which does not have events
3. Which property of textbox cannot be changed at runtime. What is the max size of textbox?
4. How many system controls are available
5. ___,_____ and ____ container objects.
6. ___ Property is to compress a image in image control.
7. ___,___ and __ are difference between image and picture controls.
8. To.set the command button for ESC ___ Property has to be changed.
9. Is it possible to set a shortcut key for label.
10. What is the default property of datacontrol.
11.___,__,___ are the type of combo box?
12.__ no of controls in form.
13.OLE is used for _______
14.What is the need of tabindex property is label control.
15.___ is the control used to call a windows application.
16.Clear property is available in ____,___ control.
17.___ Property is used to count no. of items in a combobox.
18.___ is a property to resize a label control according to your caption.
19.Which controls have refresh method.
20.___ property is used to change to ___ value to access a identity column'in datacontrols.
21._____ is the property to ___,____,____ are valid for recordsource property of dat control.
22.To find the current recordposition in data control.
23.Timer control contains ________ no. of events.
24.____ property is used to lock a textbox to enter a datas.
25.What is the need of zorder method?
26.____ is the difference between Listindex and Tab index.
27.____ property of menu cannot be set at run time.
28.Can you create a tabletype of recordset in Jet - connected ODBC dbengine.
29.Difference between listbox and combo box.
30.What are the new events in textbox that has been included in VB6.0
31.Can you create a updatecascade, Deletecascade relation in Ms- Access? If no, give on eample.
32._____ collection in recordset used to assign a value from textbox to table columns without making
abinding in datacontrol.
33.____ argument can be used to make a menuitem into bold.
34. What is the difference between Msgbox Statement and MsgboxQ function?
35.What is.the difference between queryunload and unload in form?
36.___,___ arguments will be used to run a executable program in shell function
37.___ property used to add a menus at runtime.
38. What is the difference between modal and moduless window?
39.___ VB constant make the menu item in centre.
40.___ method used to move a recordset pointer in nth position in DAG.
41.To validate a range of values for a property whenever the property values changes,which type of property
procedure you use?
42. What are 3 main differences between flexgrid control and dbgrid control?
43.What is the difference between change event in normal combobox and dbcombobox?
44.To populate a single column value which dbcontrols you to use?
45.What is ODBC?
49.Types of cursors in DAO?
50.Types of LockEdits in DAO? 51 .Types of Recordsets.
52.Difference between Tabletype and Snapshot?
53.Draw Sequence Modal of DAO? Explain.
54.Difference between Dynaset and Snapshot?
55.Difference between Recordset and Querydef?
56.What is the use of Tabledef?
57.Default cursor Type and LockEdit type in DAO?
58. What is the default workspace?
59.1s it posible to Create Tables Through Querydef?
60.It is possible to access Text (x.txt) files? Explain.
61. What is ODBC Direct and Microsoft Jet Database Engine ?
62. Is it possible to Manipulate data through  flexgrid? Explain.
63.Types of DBCombo boxes
64.What do you mean by Databound Controls? Explain.
65.What is RDO?
66.Types of cursors in RDO.
67.Types of LockEdits in RDO.
68.Types of LockEdits in RDO.
69.Types of Resultsets.
70.Difference between Recordset and Resultsets.
71.Explain Default cursor Type and LockEdits type in RDO
72.Draw Sequence Modal of RDO? Explain.
73.What is meant by Establish Connection in RDO? 74.1s it possible to Access BackEnd procedures? Explain.
75.'What is OLE? Explain.
76.What is DDE?
77.Difference between Linked Object and Embedded Object?
78.Explain OLE Drag and Drop.
79.Difference between DDE and OLE.
80. What is the difference between Object and Class?
81.Give brief description about class?
82.Does VB Supports OOPS Concepts? Explain..
83.Difference between Class Module and Standard Module?
84.Explain Get, Let, Set Properties.
85.Difference Types of Procedures in VB?
86. What is the use of NEW Keyword? Explain.
87.What is constructors and distructors.
88.Types of Modal windows in VB.
89. What is ActiveX? Explain.
90.Types of ActiveX Components in VB?
91.Difference between ActiveX Control and Standard Control.
92.Difference between ActiveX Exe and Dll.
93.What is instantiating?
94. Advantage of ActiveX Dll over Active Exe.
95.Difference Types of Instancing Property in ActiveX Dll and Exe.
96.What is ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?
97. Write the steps in Creating ActiveX Dll and Active Exe?
98.Explain the differences between ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe?
99.How would you use ActiveX Dll and ActiveX Exe in your application?
100.   How would you access objects created in ActiveX Exe and ActiveX D1T

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