* archipelago:islands::


(a) arbor:bower

(b) garden:flower

(c) mountain:valley

(d) sand:dune

(e) constellation:star


Ans. (a)


* gullible:duped ::


(a) credible:cheated

(b) careful:cautioned

(c) malleable:moulded

(d) myopic:mislead

(e) articulate:silenced


Ans. (a)



* Disregarded

(a) heed

(b) hopeful

(c) evade

(d) dense


Ans. (a)


* Obviate

(a) becloud

(b) necessitate

(c) rationalize

(d) execute


Ans. (b)




* bracket:shelf ::


(a) hammer:anvil

(b) girder:rivet

(c) strut:rafter

(d) valve:pipe

(e) bucket:well


Ans. (a)



Ans. (a)



* marathon:stamina ::


(a) relay:independence

(b) hurdle:perseverance

(c) sprint:celerity

(d) job:weariness

(e) ramble:directness


Ans. (a)







* taxonomy:classification ::


(a) etymology:derivation

(b) autonomy:authorization

(c) economy:rationalization

(d) tautology:justification

(e) ecology:urbanisation


* Bamboo:Shoot ::


(a) Bean:Sprout

(b) Peas:Pod

(c) Potato:Eye

(d) Carrot:Root

(e) Leaf:Stem


Ans. (a)



* Deflect:Missile ::


(a) Siege:Castle

(b) Distract:Attraction

(c) Protect:Honour

(d) Drop:Catch

(e) Score:Goal


Ans. (a)


* Skin:man ::


(a) hide:animal

(b) jump:start

(c) peel:potato

(d) eat:food

(e) wool:cloth


Ans. (a)





* Editor:magazine ::


(a) captain:ship

(b) actor:movie

(c) director:film

(d) player:team

(e) jockey:horse


Ans. (a)



* Volcano : Lava ::


(a) Fault:earthquate

(b) crack:wall

(c) tunnel:dig

(d) water:swim

(e) floor:polish


Ans. (a)



* Superficial

(a)  profound

(b) exaggerated

(c) subjective

(d) spirited


Ans. (a)


* chief : tribe :: governor : state


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Said this on 8-30-2007 At 09:53 pm
Said this on 1-2-2008 At 02:40 pm
very poor
Manish Arora
Said this on 2-23-2008 At 03:37 pm
Said this on 3-3-2008 At 01:17 pm
display the answer with reason
Said this on 3-24-2008 At 04:18 pm
Said this on 4-5-2008 At 09:49 pm
very gd bt little improvment
Said this on 4-12-2008 At 04:55 pm
very u at all check ur ans??
4 instance..archipelago is a grp of d ans:e)constellation(a grp of strs)
mst of d remaing r wrng as well:-(
Said this on 5-6-2008 At 04:04 pm
very bad many of the answers are incorrect ex : skin: man then
peel:potato is the right answer
Said this on 5-30-2008 At 06:06 pm
Said this on 10-22-2008 At 10:04 pm
I can't able to rate this, because many of them have given negative comments. If the details are wrong then many students who are preparing for interview will be affected. So people must ensure the correctness of their content and also people must stop fake comments.
hari prasad
Said this on 11-9-2009 At 01:02 pm

please give explanation.

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