Virtusa Placement Paper

Virtusa conducted off campus recruitment drive at Hyderabad on 28-08-004,this was

Employ referral Drive.


PATTERN OF VIRTUSA conducted on 28-08-2004


There were total of three sections

1. Mathematics

2. C programming Skills

3. Verbal + Essay


            The first two were of 20 minutes duration & third i.e. Verbal section was

            conducted for 30 minutes duration, (actually in the mail requesting to write exam

            sent to candidates it was written that each section would be of 30 minutes duration

            but actually on the exam day the first two sections were conducted for 20 minutes

            duration & third the Verbal section was conducted for 30minutes duration)


            Each section was conducted for the specified time after one section was

            completed they took the question cum answer sheet was taken back and the next

            section paper was given, thus in a specified time only specified section can be


            I am giving the questions whatever I remember




            It was not objective type gap was given after each question where u have to write

            the answer in the space provided with reasoning, some q’s were 2 marks & some

            were 3 marks questions.



(Few what I remember)

1. A monkey climbs 20m up in 1st minute & slides 4m in next minute. At what time it

    reaches 96m.


2. If y=cos^-1(sin^-1x+cos^-1x)

Find dy/dx


3. What is the value of   1+3(1+1/n)+5(1+1/n)^2+………..


4. If x^y=2x+y2^a=a^3

then a=?


5. A question on time & work


6. If M men agreed to purchase a gift for RsD. If 3men dropout, how much more will

     each have to contribute toward the purchase of the gift?


7. some information was given, using sets & relations we have to find the required

    relation we have to find the required answer.

    (Some other were there I did not remember them)



It consists of 5questions:


1. Write a program to check whether the given string is palindrome or not?


2, 3, and 4: Some code was given and we have to find the output also the reasoning

                   should be given (it was easy)

5. Write a program to sort a linked list



It had 10 questions + 1Essay


It had 2 synonyms, 2analogies, 2error correction type, 2odd one out, 2 statement based

 (which weakens, supports) questions



Anyone            1) Time and Tide Wait for none


                        2) My Vision of India in 2020

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