Web Technology Concepts

  • What is HTTP? Explain its working?

  • What is DNS?

  • Why do I need a domain name like 'www.aucse.Com'?

  • What happens when I type in some url and press enter?

  • How does CGI work? Can I use 'C' language to write a CGI?

  • Working of Proxy Server, Cookies, types of cookies?

  • What is Firewall?

  • How to redirect to another page?

  • Some questions on web servers.

  • What is DOM?

  • Connection Pooling in IIS 3.0 and 4.0

  • What is Code Base, Style Sheets?

  • Need for CSS

  • DHTML: Difference between FontSize and Font Size?

  • Layers in TCP/IP

  • Some sites work with "http://sitename.com" but for some sites we need to specify "www" - like "http://www.sitename.com". Why?

  • Explain "URL Encoding",HTML "entity", GET method, POST method

  • If we force XML for web design, the browzer size will reduce. How?

  • How does DTD work?

  • Difference between ASP and DHTML?

  • How to create virtual directory in IIS?

  • Can I host muliple sites on same machine?

  • Administration of IIS.

  • Some questions on ODBC and internet.

  • XML and propritory databbases.

  • Working of ping, telnet, gopher.

  • Some questions about cross-browzer compatibility.


Comments (7)

sai krishna.k
Said this on 12-4-2007 At 09:29 am
im unable to see the documents becoz its not opened if i click on the link or i did not find any link to download
vishwajeet chaurasia
Said this on 12-19-2007 At 06:53 pm
pls give meTechnical Interview Questions of html ,dhtml,javascript,vb script,fornt page ,photoshop,css,dreamweaver
Said this on 4-7-2008 At 10:27 am
This is fine test but it should be with answer so that newbies can have enefits.
Rofiqul Islam
Said this on 4-21-2008 At 11:38 am
It's the best things to prepare for any interviews........
Said this on 8-14-2008 At 04:00 pm
i have very poor in java&webtechnology,c-language.please send more interview questions@reference books through this e-mail id
Said this on 4-8-2009 At 06:11 pm
please give me answers also
Said this on 12-4-2010 At 09:14 am

if u place answers for the given questions then it will be useful to the freshers who don't know about this qustions

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