BI 7.0 Reporting Tools - Migrating Bex Reports from 3.5 to 7.0

SAP has introduced new BI reporting tools and enhanced existing tools with BI 7.0 release. There is lot of confusion around these tools.  This blog post is an attempt to clear some of that confusion.

1.      Java Stack / ABAP stack – Do you need Java Stack to use BI 7.0 tools?




The short answer is yes, you need Java stack to use most of BI 7.0 tools. However, you do not need Java Stack  for Bex Analyzer and Query designer with one exception, you need Java stack if you want to execute the query from the query designer by using execute button. Execute in BI 7 query designer means executing on web, you need Java Stack for this.




Unlike in BW 3.5, interestingly without Java Stack there is no way you can execute a query from Query Designer, you need to use Analyzer to execute a query.  




You need Java Stack to use any of below BI 7.0 tools or functionalities




·         Report Designer

·         Web Application Designer

·         Publishing reports on Portal

·         Bex Web analyzer




2.       Is there a need to migrate to Bex BI 7.0 tools?

Many companies are holding off on migrating to BI 7.0 tools with SAP focusing more on integrating BO reporting tools with SAP BI rather than enhancing SAP BW Bex tools. However, you can migrate to Bex 7.0 to avail new features in Query designer and Bex Analyzer. Designing queries is much easier and intuitive in Bex 7.0 than 3.5. In 3.5, it is like settings and features are hidden somewhere and you need to spend significant time to discover them where as in 7.0 it is much easier to find the stuff you need.

Migrating a 3.5 bex query to 7.0 means opening the query in using BI 7.0 GUI and saving it. So, it requires humongous when you talk about migrating thousands of quires. I know one company that has more than 20000 queries. One option is to use automated load runner script to open and save a query in BI 7.0 You can migrate all of your queries in an hour or two by using this approach.

You cannot edit a query using 3.5 GUI after it is migrated to 7.0. You should upgrade your SAP GUI to 7.0 for all power users to avoid this problem. There is no immediate need to upgrade SAP GUI for end users who just use Bex Analyzer to execute the reports unless you want them to use Bex 7.0 to use some of the cool features (like drag and drop) of bex 7.0.

Bex analyzer is both backward and forward compatible. In other words, you can use Bex analyzer 3.5 to run bex 7.0 reports and vice versa.

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This article is really helpful for us..


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