BI 7.0 Reporting Tools and New Features


SAP BI 7.0 Reporting Tools

  • Query Designer
  • Analyzer
  • Bex Web analyzer
  • Report Designer
  • Information broadcaster

Query Designer

  Bex Query designer has been completely rewritten in .Net VB with many new features. New features are highlighted below.

Look & feel, ease of use

  • New & intuitive lay out.  Separate areas/panes to work with rows/columns, filters, properties etc.  
  • New menu in addition to standard toolbar for major activities.
  • Properties of each object on the right hand side of the designer. In 3.5 via context menu.
  • Enhanced options for setting filters.  New tab page for filters with two areas one for characteristic restriction for filters another one for default values.
  • Clear and continuous visibility of object name during drags & drop operation.
  • Clear identification of drop point.  Drop point is identified with a strong blank line.
  • Drag & drop key figures or structure members to create hierarchies. In 3.5 this was achieved with context menu
  • Inline editing of texts
  • Sort objects in infoprovider pane
  • Optional 3.X designer layout.
  • A message pane for errors with correction helps. Erroneous objects are underlined with a zigzagged line for easy identification.
  • Separate tab pages for exceptions and conditions.
  • Properties pane to define unit of measure and currency conversion calculations.
  • Options for cut and insert (paste).
  • Tasks are grouped for ease of use


    New Features


  • Reusability of filters and default values in other queries.
  • Edit multiple objects simultaneously. For instance you can drag and drop multiple objects together and also change the properties of multiple objects of the same type simultaneously. This removes the need to repeat same action again and again.
  • Enhanced editors for formulas, variables, exceptions & conditions with better layouts and new features.
  • Technical names with either before or after text or without text.
  • Option to change exception aggregation for calculated key figures. Exception aggregation is one of the  most useful features of Bex 7.0
  • Top down definition capabilities – For instance can create a restricted key figure launching the selection editor directly from the context menu of formula editor.
  • Incomplete or erroneous queries can be saved.



Bex Analyzer

   Analysis Mode – for performing OLAP analysis on queries

   Design Mode – for designing interface for query applications

Analysis Mode:

    Accessed with analysis toolbar

  • Launch the BEx Query Designer in order to define queries
  • Analyze selected InfoProvider data by navigating interactively within these queries
  • Navigate and analyze via the context menu or via drag and drop
  • Perform OLAP functionality such as filtering, drilling, and sorting
  • Execute planning functionality
  • Precalculate and distribute workbooks with the BEx Broadcaster
  • For advanced programming capabilities, embed your own customized VBA programs (Visual Basic for Applications)
  • Save workbooks in your favorites or in your role on the server, or locally on your computer
  • Sort at the push of a button
  • No change query local mode. This functionality is accessed from context menu ‘Query Properties’

Design Mode:

     Accessed with design toolbar

  •  Design the interface for your queries by embedding design items such as the analysis grid, dropdown boxes, radio button groups, and buttons into your Microsoft Excel workbook
  •  Further customize your workbook with Excel’s formatting and chart functionality
  • A new menu sequence and a new context menu are available.


 Bex Web Analyzer

The BEx Web Analyzer, a standalone, user-friendly Web application for data analysis, offers improved navigation options.

The following new functions are available in the BEx Web Analyzer.

  •  You can use Drag & Drop to work within the navigation area or between the navigation area and table.
  •  A filter area is available in which you can set filters easily.
  •  Using the settings area, you can make a number of settings to change the display of your data.
  •  You can also save query views that are based on external, multidimensionally stored data in the BEx Web Analyzer. These query views can then be used as a data provider in Web applications.
  •  Note the following changed functions in the BEx Web Analyzer.
  •  It is no longer possible to create new queries with the BEx Web Analyzer.


Information Broadcasting:

  •  Trigger broadcasts to a variety of outputs, email, portal, printers ets. 
  •  Integration into Alert framework and UML 
  •  Flexible scheduling option 
  • Broadcast reports in various formats HTML, XML (for Excel), PDF and DHTML  


Report Designer:

  •        For formatted reports
  •        Can be scheduled with broadcaster or published to portal


If you want you can download this article as a PDF document from the attachments section below.

Resource Box

References :

 New function in BI 7.0  (Also attached in this blog post incase if SAP link breaks)

Many other SAP documents, SDN posts and articles


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