SAP BW - How to migrate a 3.5 datasource to 7.0?

I am going to describe steps required to migrate a 3.5 datasource to 7.0 and restore it back 3.5 if the need arises or if there are any issues with 7.0 datasource.

How to know if a datasource is in 3.5 or 7.0 version?

Well, one way is to to look for small square at beginning of datasource name. See below image. If square is present it is a 3.5 datasource, it is  a BI 7.0 datasource otherwise.

SAP BW 3.5 datasource

How to migrate a 3.5 datasource to 7.0 datasource?

Right click the datasource and select migrat. Other options is through RSDS transaction, enter datasource name and source system and click on the button 'Migrate 3.X datasource to 7.0 dataource'

Right click and migrate :

Migration using transaction code RSDS :

Datasource Migration With Export or W/O Export?

You have two options to migrate the datasource, with export and without export. It is always better to do with expert because you can recover 3.X datasource and other 3.X objects like transfer structure and transfer rules later if required. You can not recover/restore 3.X datasource if you do the migration w/o export.

During the migration it deletes the transfer rules and transfer structure of 3.x datasource. The square at the beginning of the datasource name goes away after succesful migration indicating that this is 7.0 datasource now.

You need to create the transformation to make use of BW 7.0 datasource in BI 7.0 dataflow. In the transformation you need to create routines or formulas if they exist in the old data flow. After that you can test the datasource to make sure it is working as expected.

You can restore the 3.5 datasource, transfer structure and transfer rules if you see any issues in testing and if the datasource is not working as expected. Please remember, you can only do this if you have migrated the datasource with export option in the first place.

How to recover / restore a 3.X datasource after you migrated it to 7.0 version?

 You need to use transaction code RSDS for this. Go to RSDS and provide the datasource name and source system and the click 'Restore 3.X datasource' from datasource menu as shown below.

And then say 'yes' to the prompt. In the prompt it asks if you want to restore the data, it is confusing we are not restoring any data here. We are restoring the datasource. It is meant to be 'Do you want to recover teh datasource?'

If everything goes well, it shows successful message on status bar.

The square reappears after the recover and the system reinstates transfer rules and transfer structure. Now you are all set to use 3.X data flow.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions. I will try to answer your questions.

Comments (6)

Said this on 11-19-2009 At 09:35 pm

This looks pretty easy and straightforward.  However, how well do the routines migrate over in the transfer/update rules?

Said this on 11-19-2009 At 10:15 pm

You need to create the transformation and the routines manually. System won't do it automatically. I hope this helps.

Said this on 12-10-2009 At 01:09 pm

The document is excellent.

Said this on 6-29-2010 At 12:06 pm

Can you tell me whether after restoring the datasource the update rules are also recovered ?

Said this on 2-5-2011 At 11:06 am


this article is good. can you please answer my below question.

1) can we partion a Cube (if the cube is having data) in BI 7.0. if Yes tel me how to do that?

2)what is IP(Intergation Planning) planning? how to implement it can i have answer with an example.




Said this on 11-28-2011 At 03:01 pm

we can't partion cube if the cube having the data. we must copy the data in other dummy cube and partioned. either in 3.5 or in 7.0

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