The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized test which has been widely used as part of the assessment process for admission to MBA programs in Business Schools for many years.

The test measures skills and abilities that develop over time. Although it is basically verbal and mathematical, the complete test offers a method of measuring overall ability. It doesn't test specific knowledge in specific subject areas.

To do your MBA you can go to a college full time or receive your MBA degree online. More and more universties have started offering online MBA degree.
This section provides articles on the following topics

1. What is the GMAT test
2. How is the test scored
3. Planning to take the test
4. Advice on taking the test
5. Re-taking the test
6. Some GMAT books

GMAT preparation tips

GMAT aspirants ! Here is an attempt to list out some tips, which might help you to plan your preparation.


This article discusses all aspects regarding studies abroad.

How Schools Use and Interpret GMAT Scores

Test scores have two important characteristics: