Group Discussion Topics For Freshers

Satyam GD Probables:

1. US war on iraq-justified or not.
2. Role of UN in peacekeeping.
3. Position of Women in India compared to other nations.
4. Environment MAnagement.
5. Is China better than India in software.
6.Should SONIA gandhi be made the PM
7. BPOs in INDIA
8. Govt contribution to IT
9. will punch lines rule the Advt
10. premaritial sex
11. is china a threat to indian industry
12. india or west , which is the land of opportunities
13. water resources should be nationalised
15. Effect of cinema on Youth
16. Education in India compared to Foreign nations
17. Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India.
18. What is the effect of movies on youth.(is it good or bad)
19. Are studies more benifitial in India or in Abroad.
20."UN's peace activities" and "America's war on Iraq".
21."Environment-Whose Responisibility".
22.Is China a threat to the indian software industry.
23.Role of UN in Peace keeping
24.War on Iraq
25.About Hockey being the primary game in India.
26.Can america occupy iraq
27.Cricket shud be banned or not.
29.Present state of Indian Cricket team.
30.Love marriage/Arranged marriage.
31.Advantages of Co-education. 

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Comments (49)

praveen chowdhary
Said this on 10-18-2007 At 01:13 pm
u r very confident in proving ur self. u r the best i think in suggesting others. thank u for ur valuable sugesstions .
Said this on 2-16-2008 At 11:17 am
send me some useful tips
Said this on 3-14-2008 At 05:17 pm
add more gd topics
Said this on 3-14-2008 At 05:17 pm
add more gd topics
Said this on 9-23-2008 At 06:39 pm
Said this on 8-15-2010 At 11:11 pm

its grt

Said this on 10-3-2008 At 10:52 pm
the above specified topics are very very useful for the students who are about to attend an interviews, which helps a lot to many, If possible please keep on updating the new topics and ideas.

I am very very great full to thank U.
Chandan verma
Said this on 10-8-2008 At 12:12 pm
This is good
Said this on 10-12-2008 At 07:38 pm
wanted stll more topics
samit kumar
Said this on 10-17-2008 At 08:02 pm
This is useful for the freshers who are going to attend the GD and Interview.
Said this on 2-18-2009 At 04:49 pm
these topics is good
Said this on 2-18-2009 At 07:31 pm
plz snd me some imp topc immediately
Said this on 3-1-2009 At 08:45 pm
please send some more imp topics
samit kumar
Said this on 3-22-2009 At 12:44 pm
This is useful for the freshers who r going to attend GD,plz send me some imp topic immediately
Said this on 3-25-2009 At 02:05 pm
thanks yaar........the topics r really good.............pls keep updating more topics..
Said this on 3-26-2009 At 01:30 pm
hi. i am anjali. i want gd topics
Said this on 4-16-2009 At 06:51 pm
excellent!good! but some more topics may be help freshers
Said this on 4-18-2009 At 03:50 pm
Topics are good.
Said this on 4-23-2009 At 08:07 pm
technical interview
Said this on 4-23-2009 At 08:09 pm
technical interview
Said this on 4-24-2009 At 12:44 pm
this is excellent
Said this on 5-3-2009 At 10:22 pm
please tell little about the topics
Said this on 5-4-2009 At 01:09 pm
intresting & helpful
Said this on 5-4-2009 At 03:23 pm
paresh wani
Said this on 5-6-2009 At 08:42 pm
Above r the topics Plz tell us some imp points in that respective topic
Said this on 5-10-2009 At 05:55 pm
basically i am poor at group dicussion i am requesting to give me a good topic that will help for me
Said this on 5-19-2009 At 08:38 am
you pls send me some tips while facing interview and gd topics
Said this on 5-23-2009 At 08:57 pm
please tell little about the topics
Said this on 5-25-2009 At 02:33 am
i am selected in short listing for for bba it and bca in symbiosis so plz can u send me sum tips and topics in wich i can plz take a ovrview
Said this on 5-25-2009 At 12:00 pm
yeah gud but plz try to add some more general topics like..
"will india be a superpower by 2020"?
amit kalra
Said this on 6-6-2009 At 03:35 pm
hello plz tell me about current gd topics its urgent want to take addmission in mba
Said this on 6-11-2009 At 12:53 pm
the topics are very good
Said this on 6-24-2009 At 08:57 pm
Said this on 7-7-2009 At 03:00 pm
hi sir the topics r very me about present it position nd present gd topics for getting job.
Said this on 7-8-2009 At 04:46 pm
about family
Said this on 7-10-2009 At 11:19 pm
very useful
Said this on 7-13-2009 At 02:53 pm
good ...can give more general topics
Said this on 7-16-2009 At 01:55 pm
please add more gd topics
Said this on 7-24-2009 At 04:34 pm
it is so nice
shaik jani
Said this on 8-6-2009 At 04:50 pm
super, it will be good if u give some tips regarding topics or whole subject regarding topic to download
Said this on 8-8-2009 At 08:03 pm
not bad.
bt i think it can be better..
aruna jariyal
Said this on 9-7-2009 At 05:31 pm
please send me the GD topics
Said this on 9-22-2009 At 03:14 pm
it is very interesting topic
Said this on 10-21-2009 At 08:03 pm

need of current datas about top MNC's and thier requirements about jobs

ranjit singh
Said this on 11-17-2009 At 10:17 am

hey thanks for brilliant topics  .may i request u increase the  general topics as well as  economics topics so that we can able to cover all topics preparation  .if u also cover the some extent paragraph of the topics so for the better understanding ....

                                          thankx a lot 

                                             ranjit singh

Said this on 12-30-2009 At 04:20 pm

these topics are briliiant .please send me some GD topics for college entrance.



Said this on 9-11-2010 At 09:39 pm

Hi.This is Iyelin.It creates an Inspiration in myself to be well prepared to face G.D's.I want more about the preparation for the carrier-guidance.And,what are the improvements to be made for a student to be selected in Campus Interview.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

                  Hoping for the best results...

Said this on 9-18-2010 At 11:35 am

i think it,s really useful for me...


Said this on 12-19-2010 At 09:01 pm
Is it possible to contact administration?
Hope for no silence
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