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This section covers Interview Questions and Tutorials on all software technologies. These papers acts as a guide to job aspirants. We are thriving hard to provide up to date information on all the selection processes, papers, interviews of the companies. Users are requested to submit their experiences or any set of papers so that they will be useful to the fellow readers and can make this section more interactive and interesting.

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Interview Questions in Opbject Oriented Concepts (OOPS)

Interview questions in object oriented concepts better known as OOPS. Good resource to test your knowledge or skills in OOPs. Leave a question or answers to questions in article in the comments.

Interview question and answers in Computer Networks

Interveiw question and answers for Computer networks. Good resource to test your knowledge or skills in computer networks. If you have any queries, leave a comment.

Pdf on Bitwise operators and their functios

This is the best source of Bitwise that i have come across in my entire college life. Hope will also help u.

Body language

I think whenever a person is observed ,he/she can leave a mark on anyone ,if his/her body language speaks in +ve manner ,with great confidence ,with immense faith in himself. so it really works ,so read this article ,i hope it will help u guys.

200 CCNA questions

200 CCNA questions

Networking Interview Questions

Networking Interview Questions

Hardware & Software Design

Frequently Asked Questions - Hardware & Software Design

Technical Questions

Technical  Questions


Used for a written exam by a company in India.

Hardware & Software Design

Asked by a famous microprocessor manufacturer.


A well-known telecommunications company uses this pop quiz for oral and written examinations of applicants for engineering positions.