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This category contains interview tips for various types of interviews like Technical Interview, HR interview etc.


Technical interview tips for Freshers

Preparing for technical interview.

HR Inteview Questions

Top HR interview questions.

Interview Tips - How to dress for an interview?

We need to keep certain things while preparing for an interview,remember it matters a lot ,how u look ,how u speak,and how u behave,so have a look on few tips!

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How to handle your first face to face interview with the new potential employer

How to handle your first face to face interview with the new potential employer

Best Answers Tough Interview Questions

Best Answers Tough Interview Questions

Do's and Dont's for Job Searching

There are many things while looking for a job that you should do and there are some things that are don’ts here are some key important factors you will need to know.

Dressing for an Interview

One of the main purposes of an interview is to present yourself to a potential employer in a manner that reflects a highly polished and professional image. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on how you look and what you are wearing.

Things to Avoid During an Interview

When appearing for a job interview, always keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. Even the smallest mistake on your part can prove to be very costly.

Some interview success tips

Interview these days are quite stressful and uncomfortable and you have to deal with this hiring process. So you need to understand the interview process to manage and control the interview.

A Student's Guide to Interviewing With Third-Party Recruiters

As you conduct your job search you will find that some employers hire third-party organizations to assist them in identifying and hiring college students.

Facts to Gather Before Interviewing

  • Key people in the organization
  • Major products or services
  • Size in terms of sales and employees
  • Locations other than your community


1. Poor attitude. Many candidates come across as arrogant. While employers can afford to be self-centered, candidates cannot.

2. Appearance. Many candidates do not consider their appearance as much as they should. First impressions are quickly made in the first three to five minutes.......

16 Job Interview Tips

1)Prepare for the Interview
2)Make a Good First Impression
3)Conduct the Interview
4)Follow Through

Job and Salary Questions

1)Why Should We Employ You?
2)Have You Applied to Any Other Company?
3)What Is Your Job Profile In the Current Job?
4)What Salary Are You Drawing?
5)What Salary Are You Expecting?

26 Commandments for Personal Interviews

26 Commandments for Personal Interviews

To begin with, there are four main focus areas in any personal interview:

  • Personal details

  • Academic details

  • Your background 

  • Current affairs