Logical Reasoning Paper - 6

v      The players G,H,J,K,L,M,N,O are to be felicitated of representing the county team in Baseball Out of these H,M,O also are in the Football team and K,N are there in the Basket ball team . These players are to be seated on a table and no
two players who has represented the county in more than one game are to sit together.
 1.Which one of the orders can they be seated in
 2. Which of the orders is not possible
 3. If N is seated in the middle then which of the following pairs cannot be seated near him .
 4. If M is seated then which of the following pairs can be seated next to him.

Choices are given for all the questions



v      There are 2 groups named Brown and red. They can?t marry in the same group. If the husband or wife dies then the person will convert to their own group. If a person is married then the husband will have to change his group to his wife?s
group. The child will own the mothers group. From these a set of 4 questions were given .Solve them
1.Brown?s daughter is red (False)
2. If a person is red. Then his/her mother?s brother belong to which group if he is married (Brown)
7 people - a,b,c,d,e,f,g Need to make a seating arrangement for them.
 1)A should be at the center 
2) B,F should be at the right extreme
3)C,E always in pair 
 4)D,G as far as possible

Questions from the above were asked?

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Yadhunadh C
Said this on 12-11-2007 At 05:06 pm
No Comments
Said this on 8-12-2010 At 02:17 pm

Answer for last question :D C E A G B F

Said this on 12-12-2007 At 06:47 pm
hi itz very useful for me to get through my apptitude round
Said this on 2-25-2008 At 11:16 pm
very poor
Said this on 6-24-2008 At 03:18 pm
damn bull chit
Said this on 8-11-2008 At 07:05 pm
Said this on 9-11-2008 At 09:08 am
super very infomative
Said this on 1-22-2009 At 01:10 am
i am planning to take bi certification exam is there any help for me
Said this on 3-3-2009 At 10:04 pm
b* very good and hard
Said this on 3-4-2009 At 07:52 pm
very usefull 4 all.
logical reasoning
Said this on 7-28-2010 At 10:48 am





























































Said this on 3-18-2009 At 01:50 pm
it is good
Said this on 3-28-2009 At 06:42 pm
Said this on 5-22-2009 At 11:54 am
very very very poooooooooooooooooooooor. don't try this ever............
Said this on 5-25-2009 At 04:05 pm
as usal,nothing special
Said this on 6-25-2009 At 08:19 am
dis helps a lot..
Said this on 7-3-2009 At 09:23 am
maybe it can help me in reasoning and taking for exam but i need an logical reasoning in distinguishing if a statement either true or false. thanks again and pls have a comment in me when do you have a logical reasoning that can be answer true or false!
Said this on 7-3-2009 At 08:13 pm
Dont try this at home.
Said this on 7-29-2009 At 03:51 pm
this is very helpful
Said this on 9-15-2009 At 03:41 pm
very very simple...Don't try this ...
Said this on 9-22-2009 At 01:47 pm
very easy !
Said this on 9-23-2009 At 08:29 pm
it is very helpful for me but need a ans to check
Said this on 12-18-2009 At 11:24 pm

i dint understand the q tell me plsss hw to solve it.......

Said this on 1-14-2010 At 12:32 pm

really poor.......of no use........

Said this on 6-21-2010 At 08:20 pm

haaaa i hvnt sen tis typ of questions . so esy haaaa hooooo!

Said this on 8-16-2010 At 03:15 pm
హయ్, నేను రామ్ .నేను AP IIIT లో చదువుతున్నాను. ఇవి చాలా POOOR
Said this on 8-16-2010 At 03:18 pm
హయ్, నేను రామ్ .నేను AP IIIT లో చదువుతున్నాను. ఇవి చాలా POOOR
Said this on 3-4-2011 At 02:13 am

a candle light from both side it takes 20minutes... if  1 side will be light for 6 min and then put off...    after that again we light the candle from both side how much time it takes........

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