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Welcome!! To the web site of Bharat Electronics Limited, a Professional Electronics company in India incorporated in 1954.BEL was born to meet the growing needs of Indian Defence services for electronic systems. Employing the best engineering talent available in the country, BEL has progressed manufacturing state-of-the-art products in the field of Defence Electronics like Communications including encryption, Radars and strategic components.

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BEL Placement Papers

BEL Paper Technical - Electronics

BEL Paper Technical - Electronics, conducted at Delhi, Lodhi estate on 13th May 2007

BEL Paper General - City College Chambers Of Commerce

BEL Paper General- Conducted at City College Chambers Of Commerce on 13th May 2007

Placement paper and Interview questions of BEL

Consists of interview questions and test pattern conducted by BEL


The interview for Probationary Engineer at BEL, Bangalore . 21st August, 2004 Its for CSE stream. Interview lasts for 40 minutes. As I have to face my ever first Job interview, am with little bit anxiety. Here are the details of the interview I would like to share with these magnificent group friends.