i2 Technologies

i2 is the supply chain company involving in delivering solutions and services benefits to its customers. It helps its customers to achieve success by employing cost effective methods to the changing trends of business and innovations. i2 is able to effeciently guide their customers in the success path and let their business grow in the right directions. Individuals with and entrepreneurial spirit can seek to work with i2 technologies which helps them to improve their efficiencies. To know more about i2 technologies visit


i2 Technologies Placement Papers

i2 Technologies paper - 1

   1. convert 0.9375 to binary   (c)
  a) 0.0111 b)0.1011 c)0.1111 d)none
  2.( 1a00 * 10b )/ 1010   =   100   (b)
  a) a=0,b=0 b)a=0, b=1   c)     d)none