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Bosch group is a leading supplier of technology and services to its customers. Bosch has around 280,000 associates working in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods. Its revenues reached 45.1 billion euros this year. Bosch has around 300 subsidiaries in 60 different countries. Bosch spends almost eight percent in its R&D department and applies over 3000 patents worldwide. Job aspirants seeking exciting positions with wide range prospects can aim at Bosh. To know more about this company visit

Robert Bosch Placement Papers

Robert Bosch Interview Questions in C and CPP

These are interview questions for for Embedded softwre Engineer (1-10 Exp) position in Robert Bosch in C and Micro Controllers.

  1. What is an inline function?
  2. How are macros different from functions?
  3. In embedded systems perspective which is better to use. Macro or function?

Bosch Interview Questions.

These are the interview q's i was asked  in the bosch interview on
07/07/2006 .

First of all he asked 's like tell me abt ur self, ur CET rank, and he
also asked my maths score.

Then he started with the tech stuff

Robert Bosch Papers

ON 24th Aug. 2004