SAP BW/BI stands for Business Warehouse and Business Intelligence. Both BW and BI stands for the same purpose in SAP. It works as a Datawarehousing tool. SAP BW enables the companies to analyse the performance through reports etc which helps the companies to take crucial decisions in the presnet fierce competition. BW has been introduced by SAP in 1997. This provides consolidated data from external and internal sources of data into a single repository and provides data that can be used by enterprises for data management and archiving.

The following figure shows the SAP BW architecture

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text
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Interview questions and training material in SAP BW / BI

SAP BW - Step by step guide Ebook by Fu and Fu

This is the first book I used to learn and practice SAP BW. This gives step by step instructions on how to create an infocube, infoobject, ODS, query etc. This is a very good hands on book for beginners who want to practice BW.

Migrating to BI Bex 7.0 tools

Very good SAP document on migrating to SAP bex 7.0 tools.

Bex web analyzer for ad-hoc queries

Bex web analyzer is a standard web template provided by SAP for ad-hoc query analysis. Users can access this web template via web and run their ad-hoc queries without saving them. There are some restrictions on web analyzer when compared to regular query designer. However, bex web analyzer is more than sufficient for ad-hoc query analysis.


Interview Questions on SAP

Set of sample interview questions on SAP

SAP BW all Important gathered FAQS t

The given FAQs are already posted and also posted in single document with BI Features also

SAP BI 7.0 Features

SAP BI 7.0 or Netweaver 2004S has lot of new features. This article summarizes the new features in SAP BI 7.0.

Major changes in BI 7.0 version

Below are the major changes in BI 7.0 or 2004S version when compared with earlier versions.


SAP BW Interview Questions - Part A

1. What are the extractor types?
• Application Specific
o BW Content FI, HR, CO, SAP CRM, LO Cockpit
o Customer-Generated Extractors
• Cross Application (Generic Extractors)
o DB View, InfoSet, Function Module

2. What are the steps involved in LO Extraction?

SAP BW Interview Questions - Part B

Here are some questions and answers.

1)name the two table that provide detail information about data source
2)how and when can you control whether repeat delta is requested?
3)how can you improve the performance of a query
4)how to prevent duplicate record in at the data target level
5)what is virtual cube? its significance
6)diff methods of generic datasource