SAP is the ERP tool developed by SAP AG based in Germany in 1972. SAP stands for System Analysis and Program Development. The current version is SAP ERP 6.0 and is previously called as SAP R/3 where R stood for Realtime and 3 for 3-tier architecture- database, application server and client.

SAP recently has been positioned as SAP ECC (Enterprise Central Component). ECC enables SAP to work on the foundation of a central component. The main modules of SAP that support key functional areas are

1. SAP ERP financials
2. SAP ERP logistics
3. SAP ERP Human Resource Management

Interview questions in SAP

SAP Transaction Codes by Module

SAP Transaction Codes List by Module

SAP Introduction by Infosys

SAP Introduction by Infosys

SAP ASAP Methodology

An introduction to SAP ASAP methodology

Various Tables in SAP Modules

Tables in SAP Modules

SAP Glossary

Definitions of various jargons in SAP

Data Migration of Non-SAP Systems to R/3

Data migration of Non-SAP systems to R/3

SAP Reference - Transactions,Reports,Tables and Functions

SAP Transactions, Reports, Tables and Functions

SAP Basic Definitions

What is ERP & Why ERP? 
About SAP.                                                                                 
Business Functions.

Business Functions (Contd.).                                                     

Implementation of SAP in an Enterprise.                                  
Role of Functional & Technical Consultants.                            

User-Exits in the In- and Outbound Processing of IDocs

This document includes a list of user-exits, sorted by message type, which can be used in the in- and outbound processing of the corresponding IDoc.

ALV Documentation

ALV events


Source code for report ALV Grid List with Sub Totals

SAP Tables

Attached document conatains comprehensive information and material on SAP tables. This document also shows connections between various tables. This has the informtion on following tables.

SD Tables
MM Tables
Purchasing Tables
FI (Finance) Tables
PS Tables
PP Tables
SAP PM - SD Tables
HR Tables / Infotypes Tables

Top 100 SAP questions

Top 100 SAP Questions

SAP Interview Questions

SAP Interview Questions

SAP DB Interview Questions

SAP DB Interview Questions

SAP BDC Interview Questions and Answers

SAP BDC Interview Questions and Answers