SAP is one of widely used popular ERP software packages in the world. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a company-wide computer software system to manage resources, information and functions of the businesses. It is a service-oriented architecture that communicate on a local area network. This is the typically the most cost-effective way.

This category contains tutorials, tech interview questions, how to articles in various SAP modules.

SAP Transaction Codes by Module

SAP Transaction Codes List by Module

SAP Transaction Codes Search

Check out Instant SAP Transaction Code Search at . You can search tcodes by tcode name, tcode description and tcode relevance. It is intelligent enough to show most important and commonly used transports first. It is very useful.

Top 100 SAP questions

Top 100 SAP questions

ERP Articles

Articles on Enterprise Resource Planning

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SAP BW Interview Questions - Part A

1. What are the extractor types?
• Application Specific
o BW Content FI, HR, CO, SAP CRM, LO Cockpit
o Customer-Generated Extractors
• Cross Application (Generic Extractors)
o DB View, InfoSet, Function Module

2. What are the steps involved in LO Extraction?

SAP BW Interview Questions - Part B

Here are some questions and answers.

1)name the two table that provide detail information about data source
2)how and when can you control whether repeat delta is requested?
3)how can you improve the performance of a query
4)how to prevent duplicate record in at the data target level
5)what is virtual cube? its significance
6)diff methods of generic datasource

SAP BI 7.0 Features

SAP BI 7.0 or Netweaver 2004S has lot of new features. This article summarizes the new features in SAP BI 7.0.

Interview Questions in SAP HR

Interview Questions in SAP HR

SAP SD Interview Questions

SAP SD Interview Questions

FAQ on ABAP Scripts

Interview Questions in ABAP scripts

FAQ on ABAP BDC programs

Interview Questions on BDC

SAP FICO Interview Questions

SAP FICO Interview Questions, feel free to mail me any querys regarding sap fico.

ALV Tutorials with examples

ALV material with example code snippets.

SAP SD Material.

SAP SD Material.