Are you interested in studying abroad? If so, do you want to know the life out there? I hope this article lands you in a place where you can analyze the situations in a better way.

Coming to studies in US, it is not tough job to land in a decent college and earn a decent degree if you have a decent GRE/GMAT/TOFEL scores. You might now have thought about the quality of education. First thing is proper college. There are all types of colleges in US. Not all colleges meet the standards well. So you need to do a better research about the colleges, ranking and the courses offered there. These show you a better way of selecting the college. The following is one of many websites which can provide you decent information about US colleges Once you are in the college next question that arises in mind is funding. How to get funded for the education in US?  Many have prefixed ideas that education in US is out of range for middle class and which is completely wrong. I belong to a middle class and I was able to afford for the education out there. Many banks are coming forward to provide educational loans for the students at lower interest rates. This makes very easy for Indians to meet the expenses. Secondly, educational institutions also provide scholarships for those students who meet the university requirements. Some students manage their funding by doing part time jobs. A non-American student is eligible to work for 20 hrs per week (either part times or for scholarship). Students manage a lot with this income and also by the use of credit cards. Once they land up with jobs it is easy to clear up the debts. Believe me it is one beautiful experience to pursue a degree by facing such tough situations. So guys, common get ready for the battle who dreams of studying abroad.

Further, I will explain you the various degrees offered there and the best way of selecting those based on your interest.

Education in USA :

As i discussed earlier, I would like to share the degrees offered in US universities. Various kinds of degrees which ranges from Science, engineering are offered and it is you who has to opt. You can change your specialization any time you want, provided you have the confidence. It is not mandatory to continue in the same specialization. Prerequisite to get admission into Undergrad is to finish Inter and to get into Graduation or PHD is to finish 16 years of education. 


The following are the few specializations offered out of vast number of degrees offered for Undergrad/Graduate/PHD education- Agricultural Science, Arts, Sciences, Health Sciences, Veterinary Science, Engineering, Architecture, Business. 

One can go either for Undergraduation/Graduation/PHD. One needs to complete 60 credit hours to finish their Undergraduation, 33 credit hours to finish MS (Graduation), 52 credit hours to finish MBA (Graduation), minimum of 69 credit hours to finish PHD for those who did Master's, 99 credit hours to finish for those who did Undergrad. For each program, one has to finish the core courses which is mandatory and has to finish the electives to complete the credit hours. Students can chose electives based on their interest and these reflect one's specialization. 


I will explain the concept of Credit hours for those who don’t have an idea. One course counts to 3 credit hours. It might also vary depending upon the importance of the course. A, B, C, D, F grades are offered to the courses. Mostly, students who scored above 90% will be given A, 80% -90% will be given B, below 80% is C. Instead of percentage, US institutions go according to GPA. GPA is nothing but an aggregate of all the grades earned by a student in each semester ( A- 4.0, B- 3.0, C- 2.0, F-Fail, D- Not allowed to write the exam) To have a decent GPA, one has to score either A Grade or B Grade. Based on these grades students can retain their scholarships.

Further i will discuss the scholarships offered and how to manage your money while studying.

Scholarships :

Various type of scholarships are offered to students while studying.. A non-American student is eligible to work for 20 hours per week. They can either work at food centers and earn money on hourly basis. The hourly pay depends on the cost of living in the city. Cost of living varies from city to city. For eg, NY is a very expensive state and in Texas cost of living is very cheap. So it varies state by state.

Two types of assistanships are offered. One is Research assistanship and the other is Graduate assistanship. Some departments offer assistanships to students based on the scores or on the GPA from the earlier semesters. It can be either quarterly, half or full. Mostly students get quarter or half assistanship. Mostly colleges pay 3/4th of the tution fees if a student secures scholarship. Some universities waive the whole tution fee. It varies from one university to other. On the top of it student gets salary per month which also varies from department to department. 

Generally students earn research assistanship if they have to undertake thesis which is primarily based on research. They are paid well when compared to Graduate students without thesis. One of my friend used to earn $1000 since she was pursuing MS in food science instead i used to earn around $300 since i was not into research.


 Students live in shared accomodation to share the living expenses which helps then in saving money so that they can save their dad's pocket. Two types of accomodations are available. Students either stay in dorms or in apartments. Living in apartments is comparatively cheaper to dorms. Three to four people share the apartment expenses and the food expenses. Some students try to share with more people to reduce their monthly expenses. With this money some students manage to pay their tution fees and also some other extra expenses.


 Till today America is termed as Land of Opportunities. Presently, the trend is changing a little bit so dont know what America will be in the future. Still students find lot of opportunities to get a job once they finish their education. There is a special 20000 H1B quota other than 65000 H1B quota for those who finished education in US. Some universities provide lot of campus selections and some get through consultancies. It depends on each ability to get the job.

 I hope this clears lot of queries about education in US. If any doubts feel free to leave a comment below, I will answer your questions.


Comments (7)

Said this on 7-24-2008 At 12:48 am
hi anila i got a lot of info but I've a question for you , i wanna do MBA in US currently i am working and i have hands on experience in sap FICO . When i am perusing MBA course in US can i apply for a part time job in sap firm , will the employer give me an opportunity to work as a part time employee or should i search different job all together , is it though to get a part time job in US because i heard from my friends its tough to get a job in US please do let me know how to go about it and i am a bcom graduate
can i apply for a MBA a course in US they usually prefer four years graduation
Said this on 7-25-2008 At 05:27 am
hi vasanth. It will be a good option to do MBA since you have good experience. Universities do prefer 16 years of education for graduation. So you have to finish any one year course to get eligibility. You cant find part time jobs with any company since you are non-American. Instead you can find internships which are paid or non-paid. These give a very good exposure to the subject. Students do their internships during summer vacations. Once you finish your MBA you can find a job which is not very tough. I hope i cleared your doubts. If anything further feel free to ask me..
Said this on 10-4-2008 At 02:29 am
first of all thnx 4 shareing such a deep information wt all of us.
i m currently a B.E student n i m looking forward to do M.S from U.S . so can u tl me in detail about only M.S n what score is required to get scholarship.... and also some tips to get start with GRE/TOEFL preparation
Said this on 2-7-2009 At 06:16 am
Good Job Anila
I am presently in US pursuing MS. If anybody has any questions let me know at I too belong to a middle class family.And believe me its easy to get here....
Said this on 4-7-2011 At 04:46 pm

hi,,,i l complete my BE in computers this may...i dezire to pursue MS in US....trying for sept could you assist me to choose the best colleges 

jayanti parihar
Said this on 6-18-2011 At 12:19 pm

sir, Iam a BBA fresher graduate from sikkim manipal university.Iam looking forward to do MBA from abroad but problem is that Iam not financial strong so will you guide me in case of loan procedure and study with part time job in abroad?

Said this on 2-16-2012 At 09:05 am

hey i want to ask a question whether i will be able to get admission in engineering colleges in u.s by only tofel.And what is the minimum c.g.p.a needed for scholarship i hv 7.2 out of 10.0.can i apply for scholarship

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