1. You should know that everyone in this office _____ busily planning the dance for a week.



1) is
2) has been
3) have been
4) are

Answer:  2



2. Jan is a wonderful singer. Her mother tells me that she _____ professionally since she was four.

1) has been sung
2) was singing
3) is singing
4) has been singing

Answer:  4



3. Ellen's grades have been really bad, but this semester, Jack's were undoubtedly _____.

1) More bad
2) badder
3) worse
4) so worse

Answer: 3



4. I can't find my wallet. _____ it at home.

1) I must leave
2) Might I have left
3) Maybe I leave
4) I might have left




5. All the students went to the magic show, which we all thought was really _____, yesterday.

1) amusingly
2) amuse
3) amusing
4) amused

Answer:  3



6. We were angry about the situation and insisted _____ by the president.

1) to see
2) on being seen
3) on seeing
4) to be seen

Answer:  2



7. I'm always willing to help you. Just tell me what _____ me to do.



1) want
2) you do want
3) do you want
4) you want

Answer:  4



8. It is strange that for the past few days we haven't heard _____ news about that accident.

1) many
2) a lot
3) much
4) much of

Answer:  3



9. Communication has always been important. Ancient _____ were simple.

1) message systems
2) messages systems
3) message-systems
4) messages-systems

Answer:  1



10. The report concluded that _____ man, woman, and child in the US should wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a car.

1) all
2) each of
3) no
4) every

Answer:  4



11. In spite of the rain, some people in the village are planning to climb the mountain to rescue the injured people, but _____ are staying home.

1) most of people
2) many of a number
3) many of them
4) the most people

Answer:  3



12. I need _____ to finish a bench, and I'll go and look in a garage.

1) one more wood
2) much woods
3) many woods
4) a piece of wood

Answer:  4



13. Fifty years ago, we needed _____ than we do today.

1) less mathematic
2) less mathematics
3) fewer mathematics
4) fewer mathematic

Answer:  2



14. All the food in the refrigerator _____ eaten, and it is empty now.

1) is been
2) has been
3) have been
4) had been

Answer:  2



15. Economics _____ nearly as interesting to me as literature.

1) Doesn’t
2) haven't
3) isn't
4) aren't

Answer:  3



16. There is some disagreement between my parents and _____ about which job I should take.

1) I
2) we
3) me
4) us

Answer:  3



17. A basket of apples, oranges, and bananas _____ sent to my husband by his grandparents last Christmas.

1) Has been
2) have been
3) was
4) were

Answer:  3



18. That the committee members could not agree with each other about solving that problem _____ caused a serious problem.

1) is
2) was
3) has
4) have

Answer:  3

19. Every state in the United States makes _____ own laws about education, marriage, divorce, and so on.

1) their
2) his/her
3) its
4) his

Answer:  3

20. My husband and I went to Montreal last May and greedily _____ many lobsters because they were very cheap.

1) Eat
2) ate
3) have eaten
4) had eaten

Answer:  2







21. My husband and I went to Montreal last May and greedily _____ many lobsters because they were very cheap.

1) eat
2) ate
3) have eaten
4) had eaten

Answer:  2



22. Mary and Tom lived in San Francisco, but they _____ to Detroit.

1) Will just move
2) are just moved
3) have just moved
4) had just moved

Answer:  3



23. I was very sick, but I've been feeling better since I _____ the doctor.

1) Have visited
2) visit
3) had visited
4) visited

Answer:  4



24. I _____ for Quick Business Company for ten years in May.

1) Will have worked
2) was working
3) will work
4) has worked

Answer:  1



25. _____ a lot before you took the exam which many people failed?

1) Have you studied
2) Will you have studied
3) Had you studied
4) Do you study

Answer:  3



26. I _____ eagerly to go to Yellowstone, but my wife got sick three days before the departure.

1) have been planning
2) had been planning
3) have planned
4) was planned

Answer:  2



27. Those two pictures hanging on the gallery wall _____ in France, and they are very well known.

1) were painted
2) were paint
3) painted
4) were painting

Answer:  1



28. Since I did not feel good, I wanted very much _____ the doctor, but it was not possible.

1) to see
2) to be seen
3) seeing
4) being seen

Answer:  1



29. The former newspaper boy _____ to a new neighborhood to work.

1) has sent
2) was send
3) was sent
4) sent




30. Nancy's dress is really beautiful. I hear that it _____ especially for her by a French designer.

1) made
2) has made
3) is made
4) was made

Answer:  4



31. Martin Luther King was _____ committed to guaranteeing the rights of blacks.

1) Deep
2) deeply
3) hard
4) hardly

Answer:  2



32. Many advertisements claim that now contact lenses made of soft plastic are _____, comfortable, and easy to use.

1) safe
2) safety
3) safely
4) unsafe

Answer:  1



33. "Ansel Adams was really a great photographer."
"Yes, I think he was the most _____ nature photographer the US has ever produced."

1) skill
2) skillfully
3) skillful
4) skilling

Answer:  1



35. You can stay here _____ you like.

1) as long as
2) as much as
3) as far as
4) so far as

Answer:  1



36. High taxes placed on _____ goods by the British sparked the American Revolution..

1) Imported
2) importation
3) import
4) importationed

Answer:  1




37. Baseball gloves made for _____ use are costly because of their fine workmanship.

1) Profession
2) professionally
3) professional
4) professioned

Answer:  3







38. That _____ film deals with workers in China.

1) document
2) documentary
3) documental
4) documentally

Answer: 2



39. The US Constitution guarantees _____ under the law.

1) equalness
2) equally
3) equal
4) equality

Answer:  4



40. The weather for tomorrow will be chilly, clear, and _____.

1) wind
2) windily
3) hard wind
4) windy

Answer:  4



41. It is important for children to feel acceptance, _____ and love from their parents.

1) security
2) securely
3) secure
4) securitiness

Answer:  1



42. Hurricanes from the Gulf of Mexico have caused considerable _____ to coastal cities in Texas.

1) damages
2) many damages
3) damage
4) much damage

Answer:  3



43. Employers look for _____ when interviewing perspective employees.

1) dependability
2) dependableness
3) dependence
4) dependable

Answer:  3



44. Managers agree that they are interested in potential workers who are responsible, hardworking and _____.

1) confident
2) confidently
3) confidence
4) confidentless

Answer:  3



45. George Washington has been described as _____, persistent, and outspoken.

1) courage
2) courageously
3) courageous
4) courageousness

Answer:  3



46. "Do you think that your daughter will take the job she was offered?"
"I don't know. She seemed _____ in it, but..."

1) Interest
2) interesting
3) interested
4) interestingly

Answer:  3

47. ""I was _____ that Mary couldn't come to the party with us last night."
"Her boss made her work overtime."

1) disappoint
2) disappointed
3) disappointing
4) disappointedly

Answer:  2



48. "What a terrible baseball game!"
"I thought it was _____."

1) delight
2) delighting
3) delightful
4) delighted

Answer:  3



49. "How _____ we are to hear that you received a prize."
"Thank you. It was really a surprise."

1) please
2) pleasing
3) pleasingly
4) pleased

Answer:  3



50. "Professor Miller's class is the worst that I have ever taken."
"Yes, I think it's _____."

1) boring
2) boringly
3) bored
4) boredly

Answer:  3



51. "You look nervous."
"This thunder makes me _____."

1) scare
2) scaring
3) scary
4) scared

Answer:  3



General Questions - 75



1. When did Mary _____ college?



1) graduate
2) graduate from
3) graduating
4) graduating from


Hint: "Graduate," in this context, is used with "from." A question with "did" does not take the -ing form of the verb.





2. You look pale. You had better _____ a doctor.



1) consult
2) consult to
3) consult with
4) consult by

Answer: 1



Hint: Consult is a transitive verb, so it is not used with a preposition.



3. New York is a large city, _____?.



1) aren't it
2) doesn't it
3) won't it
4) isn't it

Answer: 4



Hint: A tag question uses the same verb as the main part of the sentence.
If the main part is positive, the negative form is used;
if it is negative, the positive form is used in the tag.



4. Japanese houses are made of wood, so they easily _____.



1) catch to fire
2) catch the fire
3) catch on fire
4) catch with fire

Answer: 3



Hint: This means "start burning," using "catch" in an idiomatic expression.



5. Do you enjoy _____?.



1) to hike
2) hiking
3) hike
4) to hiking

Answer: 2



Hint: "To" is not usually followed by -ing forms. "Enjoy" takes a gerund.



6. Mary has trouble _____.



1) to remember her homework
2) to remembering her homework
3) remember her homework
4) remembering her homework

Answer: 4



Hint: An infinitive means the future in this context. "To" is not followed by -ing forms. Since "has" is the verb here, another verb is not used.



7. Do you have _____ to do this afternoon? If not, I'd like to take you to a movie.



1) many work
2) much work
3) many works
4) much works

Answer: 2



Hint: "Many" is not used with an uncountable noun. "Work" is an uncountable noun.



8. Our friends will _____ for two nights.



1) provide us up
2) provide us in
3) put us up
4) put us in

Answer: 3



Hint: This sentence means that our friends will let us stay with them for two nights. "Provide" is not used in this context. Which idiom is used in this context?



9. When will the conference _____?



1) hold on
2) hold place
3) take on
4) take place

Answer: 4



Hint: This means when the conference will be held. This sentence is an active form. Which idiom is used in this context?



10. The meeting was held _____.



1) at Tuesday
2) on Tuesday
3) with Tuesday
4) in Tuesday

Answer: 2



Hint: The preposition "at" is used with 3 o'clock, and "in" with October. What preposition is used with a day of the week?



11. Why don't you _____ us ?.



1) go to the party with
2) go together the party with
3) go the party with
4) together the party with

Answer: 1



Hint: "Go" needs "to" before the destination. A sentence needs at least one verb, and "together" is not a verb.



12. That accident occurred _____.



1) before three weeks
2) three weeks before
3) three weeks ago
4) three weeks past

Answer: 3



Hint: "Before" or "ago" is used with a past event. Which is used when the present time is the starting point?



13. Many people like my plan. Will you _____ it ?.



1) agree with
2) agree to
3) agree
4) agree about

Answer: 2



Hint: "Agree" is not a transitive verb and needs a preposition. "With" is used when referring to a person.





14. The minister _____ a member of the church who was ill.



1) called to the house of
2) called on the house of
3) called to
4) called on

Answer: 4



Hint: This sentence states that the minister visited the church member. In English, we say that we visit a person rather than a house. Which idiom is used to mean "visit?"



15. Tomorrow is Mary's birthday. Let's _____ it.



1) celebrate
2) praise
3) honor
4) congratulate

Answer: 1



Hint: Some verbs are used with people; others are used for occasions. Which of these words would we use for a birthday?



16. If you don't understand, don't hesitate _____.



1) ask a question
2) to ask a question
3) asking a question
4) to asking a question

Answer: 2



Hint: Since "hesitate" is the verb in this sentence, there should not be another verb. "To" is not followed by -ing forms.



17. It's snowing. Would you like to _____ this weekend?.



1) skiing
2) go to ski
3) go skiing
4) go ski

Answer: 3



Hint: "Go" is used with the "-ing" form, the root form, and "to." "To" is not followed by -ing forms. Which idiom means going somewhere for the purpose of skiing?



18. Our company didn't pay _____ for that advertisement.



1) much funds
2) many funds
3) many money
4) much money

Answer: 4



Hint: "Funds" is used for money saved for a certain purpose. Is "money" countable or uncountable?



19. Do you feel like _____ now?.



1) dancing
2) to dance
3) dance
4) to go dancing

Answer: 1



Hint: The main verb of this sentence is "feel."



20. Tom was happy to be _____ such a famous person.



1) introduced
2) introduced at
3) introduced with
4) introduced to

Answer: 1



Hint: "Introduce" takes a direct object and indirect object. I'd like to introduce you to Mary.



21. "We will order merchandise now." "But payment should be made _____."



1) for advance
2) advancing
3) in advance
4) to advance

Answer: 3



Hint: What is the idiomatic expression for "prior?"



22. "Where do you live now?" "I live in Kansas City; my _____."



1) parents too do
2) parents do
3) parents do, too
4) parents also do

Answer: 3



Hint: The speaker's parents live in Kansas City, the same town that the speaker lives in. This is an affirmative sentence. Think about which word is used where.



23. I cannot hear every word in her lecture. I wish she would _____.



1) speak clearer
2) clearer speak
3) more clearly speak
4) speak more clearly

Answer: 4



Hint: "Clear" cannot modify "speak." You can say "Speak clearly" but not "Clearly speak."



24. Why do you walk so fast?, "I'm _____."



1) must be hurry
2) in hurry
3) in a hurry
4) hurrying

Answer: 3



Hint: "Am" and "must" are not used together. What is an idiomatic expression meaning "to hurry?"



25. We have a large selection of men's clothes for sale. We _____ many women's clothes in stock.



1) also have
2) have too
3) too have
4) have further

Answer: 1



Hint: This means that the store has many women's clothes for sale, too. What could you use with "have" in this context?



26. This is our new library. _____ like it?.



1) How do you
2) How
3) What you
4) What do you

Answer: 1



Hint: This is a question. The speaker is asking you whether you like the new library.



27. I have to go now. I have _____ the dentist.



1) appointments to
2) an appointment to
3) appointment with
4) an appointment with

Answer: 4



Hint: You can make many appointments, but you make one appointment each time. What preposition is used with "appointment?"



28. We can meet at Grand Central Station. Will _____?



1) convenient for you
2) that convenient
3) that be convenient
4) you be convenient

Answer: 3



Hint: "Will" needs a verb. The speaker is asking whether this arrangement is convenient for you.



29. This store does not have any oranges today. It _____ tomorrow.



1) have any
2) may have any
3) have some
4) may have some

Answer: 4



Hint: The speaker is not sure whether the store will have oranges tomorrow. "Some" is used when the meaning is positive, and "any" is used when it is negative.



30. She doesn't want anything alcoholic now. She would rather _____ a soft drink.



1) have
2) to have
3) prefer
4) prefer to have

Answer: 1



Hint: "Would" is used with a verb. She prefers soft drinks to liquo



31. I have heard your views on the tax reform. Let me _____.



1) express my opinion
2) express my viewing
3) make my views
4) make my opinion





32. When are these assignments due?"
"The professor told us that they must be turned in _____."



1) by Friday
2) until Friday
3) Friday before
4) Friday beginning

Answer: 1



Hint: This means anytime before the end of the day on Friday.



33. They are visiting the Rockies. I hear the Rockies have _____.



1) beautiful scenery that is much
2) many beautiful landscapes
3) many beautiful sceneries
4) much beautiful scenery

Answer: 4



Hint: "Scenery" and "landscape" are, in this context, uncountable.



34. "Where is ABC Store?"
"It is _____ the apartment house."



1) before
2) ahead of
3) in front of
4) preceding

Answer: 3



Hint: S ABC Store is facing the front of the apartment house.



35. "Most ski resorts are crowded. There are many people _____ skiing.



1) enjoy
2) that enjoying
3) who enjoy
4) who enjoying

Answer: 3



Hint: The main verb of the second sentence is "are."



36.It is already nine o'clock. Can you _____ time to catch the train?



1) have enough
2) have it in
3) make in
4) make it in

Answer: 4



Hint: The speaker wants to know if the hearer will arrive at the station in time to catch the train.



37.Tom went to see the optician. He wants to have his glasses _____.



1) fit
2) fitted
3) fit on
4) fitted on

Answer: 2



Hint: "Have (something)" with a past participle is used to mean "get someone to do something. For example, he wants to have his toys fixed. Opticians fit glasses.



38.Mary's house is _____ the post office. Do you think you can find it easily?



1) along
2) near to
3) against
4) next to

Answer: 4



Hint: This means that Mary's house is beside the post office.



39.The rope was catching fire. Nancy let _____ just in time.



1) alone it
2) go alone it
3) go it
4) go of it

Answer: 4



Hint: "Let" takes an infinitive without "to," and "go" cannot take an object.



40.It costs 100 dollars. Do we have _____ money?



1) a lot of
2) plentiful
3) plenty of
4) enough

Answer: 4



Hint: In this case, the speaker is not asking whether there is much money, but whether there is more than 100 dollars.



41.I need some physical exercise. I decided _____ golf.



1) to begin
2) to commence
3) to take up
4) to start up

Answer: 3



Hint: The speaker has decided to learn to play golf.



42."Would you like to go to a movie or a play?"
"It _____ to me."



1) makes no difference
2) makes not a difference
3) is indifferent
4) is not a difference

Answer: 1



Hint: The second speaker means that it does not matter whether they go to a movie or a play.



43.We were hiking in the mountains all day today. Therefore, we are _____.



1) wear out
2) outworn
3) weary out
4) worn out

Answer: 4



Hint: This is an idiom meaning "tired."



44. Were there many people waiting in line at the stadium?"
"Yes, I saw _____."
1) quite a few
2) quite much
3) quite many
4) quite some

Answer: 1




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